Every planet trotter should spend a few quality amount of time in Istanbul! You’ll be surprised to understand that Istanbul isn’t just about Hagia Sophia. This asian city has much more to provide. During my personal week lengthy vacation within Istanbul, We spent nearly two complete days in order to explore the actual Hagia Sophia. Next, I longed to determine something that might be a level higher both when it comes to architecture, background and inside decor. My visit guide advised me to go to the Azure Mosque. I’m glad We took the actual suggestion. This sacred host to worship is really a thing of beauty, beauty as well as creativity.

The actual Blue Mosque, Istanbul

The Azure Mosque is called the Sultan Ahmed Mosque as well as got constructed between your years associated with 1609 as well as 1616. Should you go through it’s most typical name we. e. Blue Mosque you won’t find any kind of similarity using its exterior. The mosque is considering the fact that name due to the beautiful azure tiles within. However, if you’re visiting on the full celestial satellite night you will discover that the actual moon casts the mesmerizing halo within the mosque’s dome as well as minarets. Occasionally, it does undertake a gentle blue dash. Akin to every other mosque within Istanbul, this place also offers the founder’s burial place, a hospice along with a madrasa. It’s open for everybody, even the actual non-Muslims.

Discovering the Mosque

The perfect way with regard to tourists in order to explore this particular majestic architecture would be to approach in the Hippodrome. Time your trip to the Sultanahmet area so that a person reach through mid early morning. Prayer within this mosque occurs five times per day for that it shuts for 90 minutes. If you’re a lady, then you need to cover your face when a person enter this particular place. If you’re not transporting one, you may take it in the entrance cost free. Inside the actual mosque it’s advised to keep silence. In addition, it’s easier to avoid expensive when getting photographs since the flash gentle might harm the inside decor and it is other qualities.

What to determine?

Even before you decide to enter the actual mosque, the 6 tall minarets outside is really a stunning view! You can easily see it from the distance and have a panoramic picture. And in case, if it is a full celestial satellite night then you’ll have among the best sights. When you’re outside you will see the cascade associated with domes that looks wonderful. The arcades which are beneath the actual domes increase its visible splendour. You’re able to see the actual mesmerizing azure tiles while you walk within. The higher ceiling inside may be lined along with almost 20, 000 azure tiles that the mosque derives it’s popular title. In addition to that particular, there tend to be 260 windows produced in the earlier 17th hundred years design which adds a good oriental feel towards the mosque.

The Azure Mosque is really a place where it is possible to obtain collected as well as poised inside. The decoration sometimes enables you to time go a bygone period. So don’t spend your time. Book your own cheap worldwide flights in order to Istanbul as well as explore this particular mosque.

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