Decanabol, also known as “Deca,” is a very popular bodybuilding, fitness, and weightlifter steroid. Previously, Nandrolone Decanoate was a very famous steroid for both men and women bodybuilders. You can find Decanabol tablets for sale at our website.

What makes Decanabol so popular? It is simple its ability of producing the desired androgenic results` another reason is that it has minimal side effects as compared to the other bodybuilding steroid products.

How It Works?

Mainly, Decanabol is helpful in decreasing the body fat and effectively promoting overall body size and strength. Along with this, Decanabol is totally integrated in cutting and mass cycles. Known as Methandrostenolone, it is getting the popularity among is well known in bodybuilding community.

There are very few and minor side effects related with this steroid. The side effects are only experienced if the recommended dose of 200-400mg is injected weekly in duration of two to four months. If you are in an intense workout, the benefits can be seen after the cycling period.

aoNoted Side Effects

We know that testosterone is a male hormone and has the ability to increase the masculine characteristics. These can include excess body and facial hair. The side effects can range from person to person.

In women, it is seen that the voice changes and last permanent. Another can be amenorrhoea or other menorrhoea abnormalities along with water retention.

At very higher dosages, side effects can become frequent. Some of them are mentioned as:

  • Blood nose
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood clotting
  • High production of sebaceous glans
  • Acne
  • Headache
  • Sexual overstimulation in men
  • Virilisation including deepening of voice, hirsutism, acne, high libido and hypertrophy of clitoris in women.

Ingredients & Comparison

Decabol has a popular chemical name known as 17 beta-Hydroxyester-4-en-3-one. It has a molecular structure of C27H34O3 and a unique enzyme-converting 5a –reductase. The function of 5a-reductase is to reduce overall potency of Decanabol.

When used alone or in moderation, Decanabol decreases the estrogen levels and the aromatase enzyme. The progestogenic activity of this steroid inhibits production of LH production. Even the smaller doses of Decanabol also act as small inhibitory as other steroids. Decanabol is used as aromatizes to estrogen over time. There are no-fool-proof inhibitors available in the market that is really effective.

Drawbacks, Publicity & False Positives

Talking about the Decanabol’s ability, it can be detected in a drug screen. For a year, it remains in the system and found through a urinalysis.

On testing, the presence of Decanabol has been found from the hair strands and urine of the athletes. It is found that the maximum threshold the International Olympic Committee has set is 2.0 μg/L of 19-norandrosterone in urine. In most of the doping case, the amount of Decnabol was found. It was also determined that acid lysine is found in cold sore treatments.

However, in most of the actual reason of false urine test results is found to be the presence of metabolites from other anabolic steroids. For its beneficial usage, you can easily have Decanabol tablets for sale.

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