What hides behind a bad mood? Usually stress, fatigue, failure or bleak gray weather. But sometimes something serious is depression. We easily use this word without giving it much importance, but the present depression is dangerous and requires help.

On weekends you are better off

Reaching out to the weekend, you sleep, and this alone gives you strength. Delicious breakfast, a couple of hours with a book, a warm bath, an interesting movie – and you feel like a man again. The thought of Monday, which will inevitably come, may be somewhat poisoning pleasure, but still you are not at all like the pale sick that you saw in the mirror on Friday morning.

Vacation treats

Two days off is good, and a couple of weeks is even better. If depression “is treated” by leave, then it’s not her, but just a strong fatigue. If you come to a resting place in a state of deep depression, a couple of days you barely creep, and then suddenly you feel that “life is getting better”, you are all right.

I want everything and immediately

Stress can deprive sleep and appetite, but does not deprive desires. If you are upset, depressed and defeated, but able to formulate what you want – to sleep, yell at the boss, read a book, get drunk, quit, quit everything and leave for Kathmandu, most likely your condition is due to chronic stress. You should take supplement Phosphatidylserine, it helps in reversing depression related side effects to some extent. This can include anxiety and panic attacks.

Everything is explicable

A person brought to the handle by life circumstances, as a rule, is able to list his troubles. He, maybe, does not know what to do, but who is to blame – will easily formulate. And it will be very emotional.

You do not care

No matter how bad you feel, no matter how great the desire to hide from the world in bed, if something from this very world is able to interest you, it means that up to the handle you brought not depression, but something else – stresses, fatigue, bad weather, etc.

A person in a real depression is not happy – neither close, nor the prospect of meeting friends, nor communication with animals, nor delicious food. Indifference to what usually pleases people and what in the past a particular person liked is a very dangerous symptom of depression, which close people need to pay attention.

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