Marijuana is one of the most controversial narcotics in the world. It is due to the fact that this drug is actually not really dangerous. Many countries even have legalized some types of marijuana for medication. Of course, it doesn’t mean that this drug can just be consumed anyone when they are suffered from certain diseases. It needs series of medical checkup to know whether the patients are required to be treated using marijuana. Yes, the bad effects of marijuana abuse are still dangerous also although it is not as scary as other narcotics. The types of marijuana themselves are various. Here are then some types of marijuana commonly abused. Be careful with them for sure.

Super Silver Haze

This marijuana is classified in the family of Sativa. Uniquely, it is a product of genetic crossing between Skunk 1 and northern Lights. In the world of marijuana abuse, this is probably one of the favorites. It has strong smell with a little touch of herbs. So, what is the effect of consuming this type of marijuana? It gives the users euphoria sensation and the feeling of relaxing and even sleepy. However, long consumption can give many bad effects including the concentration-loss, laziness, and body’s coordination that is not balanced. Sure, for productive people, smoking this type of marijuana is a big no since it can disturb their daily activities.

Royal Caramel

Undeniably, almost all types of marijuana that are abused are the results of crossing. It brings better taste indeed. One of them is Royal Caramel. As its name, it brings the users caramel taste while smoking it. it is due to the crossing of three types of plants at once’ they are Blue Black, Maple Leaf Indica, and White Rhino. More than that, it smells good like flowers anyway. More than just it tastes good; the effects felt are also beyond good anyway. Almost similar to other types of narcotics, it brings fantasy as well. That’s why; this variant is entirely prohibited almost in all countries in the world.


Opium is probably one of the variants that are popular in the group of marijuana users. Again, it is basically a crossing from sativa and indica hibrida. Surprisingly, although it is known as the illegal narcotics for years, it is not too strong although the effects are still terrible. The sensation felt while smoking opium is different from one to another. However, the users commonly find it so relaxing. Long-term consumption of opium is surely not good. Despite lessening the functions of brain particularly in concentrating and memorizing, it also affects your metabolism system.


Sure, it is not the fruits you can simply find around. How can it be called blueberry anyway? it is due to the taste of blueberry muffin while you smoke and inhale it. A good thing about this type of marijuana is the ability to control anxiety and pain. However, it gives so many effects in your brain although it is all started by euphoria. Similar to the others, long-term consumption will influence the brain performance and disturb the body’s balance system.

Sure, there are still many other types of marijuana that are often abused for the high effects given for users. Those marijuana variants still have some benefits for sure. However, the benefits are less compared than the lacks. On the other hand, there are some other marijuana variants that are advantageous enough in the medical world. They are called beneficial due to the facts that the benefits are more than the lacks. What are they?

Marinol and Cesamet are two marijuana variants beneficial to relieve nausea and appetite loss due to the chemotherapy particularly for AIDS patients. Indeed, the THC contained basically gives hangover effect but the merit is bigger for sure. Next, there is Epidiolex that can be given for kids with epilepsy. However, general consumption is completely prohibited. Meanwhile, there is also Sativex. The latest clinical study proves that this marijuana is able to cure breast cancer. The substances contained in this variant is claimed to be very effective in killing cancer cells. Meanwhile, it is effective as well to heal the muscle spasm. The efforts to grow those types of marijuana are also tried in some countries that still prohibit them.

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