What is TestoGen? TestoGen is manufactured by Advanced Health Limited, a company that is most trusted by many athletes and body builders for its quality, effectiveness and safety of supplements. They use only the best ingredients and latest technology to manufacture any of their products. Read through the Testogen review to know more.

TestoGen is a natural testosterone booster made out of natural ingredients in their right potencies. It helps to increase the production of testosterone levels. The usual dosage is 1-2 capsules and a maximum of 4 for a day to be taken after each meal. If you are taking 4 capsules, you can take the last one just before bed. You can see quick results with a strict regime of this supplement which detoxifies your body system and slows down the aging process.

The main ingredients included are Zinc, Ginseng, D-Vitamin D, Selenium, Aspartic Acid, TribulusTerrestis, Fenugreek, Cholecalciferol and Riboflavin. All these are main supplements that help in increasing Testosterone levels. So, how do they help?

Zinc- It is a mineral that helps the men to increase testosterone, produce more sperms and as a result you see an increased libido.

Ginseng – It is extracted from a root plant helps in increasing energy. It also has the ability to increase libido and cause stronger erections.

Vitamin D- This naturally available vitamin is helpful in preventing quick conversion of testosterone to estrogen which would result in the benefits of a natural testosterone.

Selenium – This is a mineral that helps in getting rid of toxins from the body which in turn help the organs to function properly including an increasing testosterone as well.

D-Aspartic Acid – It regulates amino acids in the body which are essentially required in increasing the production of testosterone. An increase in T levels would also help in increased muscle mass.

TribulusTerrestis – A well-known anti-inflammatory agent also helps to boost testosterone levels in men.

Fenugreek – It helps to boost the libido and increase testosterone levels.

TestoGen review:

It helps in burning fat especially belly fat, gives good lean muscle mass in a good size. It also increases your energy levels and your libido too. This would show up as good stamina and renewed self-esteem. It also helps in improving concentration levels and sharpens focus. All these help to improve your overall quality of life. Click here to read the Testogen review.


  • Uses 10 natural ingredients
  • Is safe.
  • A budget friendly supplement
  • An increase in self esteem by increasing is stamina, libido and strength.
  • Is also helpful in reducing blood pressure levels.
  • Does not cause nasty side effects like other testosterone boosters.


  • Only available through TestoGen website.

TestoGen is increasingly making its place in the top list of Testosterone boosters as it is a powerful booster made out of effective natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to help increase testosterone level. And the most important thing is that it is available at a very friendly price. So, what are you still thinking about?


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