Whereas holiday travels are mostly relaxing, business trips can be everything but stress free. Being away from home, far from the family and friends and out of daily routines can have negative impact on our health – that is, if we don’t take care of it. Here are a few tips we came up with to take care of your health while being on a business trip.

Nothing like good sleep

When it comes to health, nothing is more important than good rest. And by good we mean especially the quality of it. Sleeping up to 8-10 hours may not be good for you if you keep waking up the whole night thinking about the next day’s presentation or unfinished tasks. Sleeping on a business trip might be challenging if the stress tends to take over your mind, but there are plenty of tricks to ensure that you get the best out of your night hours. And finally, keep in mind that alcohol may help you to fall asleep, but also reduces the quality of your rest!

Daily exercise keeps you in shape

On the road it is easy to slip away from your normal exercise routines. At the same time, it becomes especially important to keep your body in shape: Long hours in the plane or train usually make our back and shoulders tired and later have a negative effect on sleeping and the vicious cycle is ready! Try to learn a short 15-30 minutes routine of stretching and hold on to it every day. Take advantage of the free gyms in the hotels you are staying: Many times there are free steam rooms included!

We are what we eat

Along with sleep and good physical condition, the alimentation is one of the cornerstones of good health. Whatever your personal diet happens to be, there are some foods all of us should enjoy daily to keep healthy. Make sure you get enough fresh vegetables, water and fiber every day. If you think you might be lacking some important vitamins, carry some additional vitamin C and D with you.



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