Cosmetic medical procedures have greatly improved in the past two decades. Such procedures can either be surgical or nonsurgical. These procedures have increasingly been performed especially on women. In fact 13.1 million cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical treatments were performed in the United States in 2010, and the number has been increasing since then.

Vaginal rejuvenation treatment and penis enlargement solutions have been interesting innovations in this field. Various clinics have been known to perform these procedures but CALIBRE clinics, Academic Laser Clinics, and Academy Face and Body have been singled out to be providing exemplary, world class cosmetic medical treatments. Dr. Jayson Oates, a renowned cosmetic surgeon and also medical director of all three of these clinics, has greatly contributed to cosmetic medical treatments, as he always use latest techniques that are proven safe and provide natural looking results, hence building confidence on those seeking his services. He provides complete information on the procedures and their options to patients before performing treatments. He has also been sought after by the media to inform the public on cosmetic medical procedures and how safe they are if performed by professional medical officers just like him.

Cosmetic medical procedures are designed to address lifestyle concerns especially of the aging. Mona Lisa Touch Laser is one of the most magnificent procedures performed by these clinics. This treatment is designed for treating vaginal atrophy. Women experiencing uncomfortable vaginal and urinary incontinence symptoms such as vulva pain, vaginal dryness or itchiness and many more are advised to seek after this treatment procedure most specially from Academy Laser Clinics. These clinics provide a 10 percent discount to patients whose symptoms are secondary to a preventative cancer treatment. The procedure is nonsurgical and it prevents and resolves estrogen drops in the vaginal tissues that is usually more evident during menopause. It is a rejuvenation treatment for vaginal mucosa that loses hydration and thickness over time. The procedure is laser assisted and relatively painless with no local anesthetic involved. The laser gently acts on the tissue of the vaginal mucosa thus stimulating the production of collagen. This improves the mucous membrane adding more lubrication to the vaginal walls.

The regeneration process of the tissue may take place over several weeks but the stimulation occurs instantly after the first treatment. This procedure lasts for just a few minutes. Even though most patients get instant improvement after the first treatment, it is advisable for them to seek 3-4 treatments to achieve the full benefits of the procedure. It is also important to note that the treatment is long lasting and that it may be repeated as required due to the ageing process. Patients with abnormal Pap smear results, recent cancer related therapy or surgery or even unusual lesions may have their treatment delayed to another day or the treatment may not be medically suitable for them.

CALIBRE clinic offers penis growth, that is, penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction treatments. Their treatment procedure is also nonsurgical and most importantly pain free and effective. Such treatments have been performed on hundreds of men hence helping them in gaining confidence. CALIBRE use cosmetic dermal filler for all penis enlargement. This cosmetic product is safe and long lasting. It is also reversible. The injections are made below the surface of the skin and the filler can then be massaged to ensure an even coverage. After injection, it takes almost a week for the filler to naturally integrate into the penile tissue. Dermal fillers stabilize and absorb water after a few weeks.

The treatment is long lasting as most patients have recorded 18-24 months gain and some even more. It is of significance to note that for optimal results and maintenance of the improvements especially for the ageing, a few top-ups of the filler once a year may be required. Since the dermal filler is reversible, it can be removed quickly in case of any complications which rarely happen, making this treatment a safe option in comparison to traditional surgical techniques.

CALIBRE treatments are suitable for all men who are concerned with the size of their penis. The clinic also guarantees qualified and experienced doctors who perform their duties with discretion. Therefore, patients need not to be embarrassed regarding the penis enlargement treatment procedures. Patients suffering from any STI or are allergic to dermal fillers may not be suitable for the treatment. All patients must also be above 18 years of age in order to book for consultations concerning penis enhancement. Both circumcised and uncircumcised penis can be treated with CALIBRE. There are also other injectable options such as Silicone and Vaseline. Unlike the dermal filler used by CALIBRE, these other options are associated with infections, painful erection deformity and in case of complications, surgical removal would be required.

Surgical vaginal and penis enhancement are painful and highly invasive procedures. Such procedures have long recovery downtime and are more expensive to perform. They also need surgeons and take longer time to perform. So, why go for surgical treatments while there are other better nonsurgical procedure to seek out? The above two procedures discussed are nonsurgical, safe, minimally invasive, shorter recovery downtime, and with almost immediate results. Highly skilled doctors are also assured for patients’ confidence boost to consult on the treatments. These procedures take shorter time to perform. Though it is important that before the procedures are performed, each patient must have a consultation to determine whether he or she is suitable to undergo the treatments. A small percentage of women patients have reported transitory side effects that may last to in two days.

Conclusively, these treatments, both for men and women, have proved effective with a very high percentage recording improvements after undergoing the treatments. Patients should not feel embarrassed when discussing concerns regarding intimate areas of the body.  Academy Face and Body, CALIBRE Clinics and Academy Laser Clinics have highly qualified, skilled and experienced staff who are here to help you be the very best version of you that you can be.

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