Drugs are the biggest menace in modern society. They are worse and more wasting than cancer. They slowly kill your brain until you are so deeply in their control that you don’t give up on it. To cure yourself or your loved one of this habit, opt for the program at Los Angeles drug rehab center.

The centre at Miramar has unique aspect to it. It has designed the program in such a way that it destroys the habit from the root. It is your only long term solution to addiction. Our goal at the Los Angeles drug rehab center is to tackle the cause of your addiction and remove it completely. To that, our experts have come up with a unique treatment plan. This plan pays attention to your individual needs also.

Drug is like a stimulant to the brain. When you take it for the first time, it creates a sensation for complete pleasure. The drug stimulates the brain in such a manner that it acts like a reward. The brain seeks the reward again and again. Only that this time to get the same kind of pleasure, the addict has to take a higher dose. The stimulation point shifts upwards and gradually the dosage foes up as does the frequency. The addict once excited cannot control his habit. He wants more and more. This leads to complete addiction.

An addict takes a drug to produce that sense of euphoria. Euphoria which takes away the pain of his or her reality. It is a form of escaping your troubles and feelings. Others take it as a fun option. They start with experimenting and slowly develop it as a habit. There are others who are coping with psychological disorders like bi polar disorder or deep depression. They are also vulnerable to addiction to just cope with life.

The centre has come up with a systematic treatment plan to tackle deaddiction. Phase one is Detox. Detox is the plan where the person is medicated and sleeps for long hours. When they are awake, they are encouraged to perform light activity. Once this stage is passed, the patient is put through one on one individual therapy. The patient is probed gently so as to uncover the reason for why they chose to take to drugs. This is followed by general therapy and educational program. During this we encourage patient to talk to family. Family therapy and contact with loved ones is very important for patient to feel accepted and healed.

We also try alternative methods such as acupuncture, massage, yoga, and meditation among others. The patient is also encouraged to take up physical or sporting activity such as hiking, biking, gym, and sailing. Or pursue a hobby like art classes. These and different methods are done to make the patient lead normal life again.

Finally the case manager assigned to an individual decides on the further treatment plan. The case manager recommends modification or discharge of the patient. That is the customized part of the program, which ensures that you get individual attention.

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