Melasma is one of those skin conditions that nobody wants to see on their skin. This is mainly because melasma can make your skin look abnormal and it is very noticeable.

As you can imagine, it can be very embarrassing to have this skin condition. Even though it isn’t life threatening it is very important to get rid of it as quickly as you can so you get back your peace of mind.

Men and women that have melasma will definitely have spots on their face, and even though it’s harmless people with this problem want to remove it fast. The most common place where you can find melasma is on your face. This condition is also most commonly seen in women who are about to give birth.

It is due to these hormonal changes a pregnant woman will experience that they end up getting melasma. This is why melasma is also called the mask of pregnancy because it mainly occurs during a pregnancy.

Melasma pretty much looks like dark patches of brown areas on the skin such as the nose, upper lip, chin, jaw, and forehead. It can also show up on your arm as well in what will look like an irregular shaped skin deformity.

You can also use whitening creams and hydorquinone on your face to treat melasma and lighten your skin properly. If these skin creams don’t even out your skin tone then you should go ahead and try using chemical peels, mircordermabrasion, and even laser treatment to help fight lighten your melasma effectively.

Other than these types of treatments there are also prevention methods you can use to lighten your melasma. Some of these prevention methods involve using cleansers and mild soaps to prevent your melasma from growing in the areas it grows. It’s also due to excessive sun exposure that can cause your melasma to become more appearant as well.

The stimulation from the sun can also cause the protective clothes you wear to cause melasma to show effectively in different areas as a result. Wearing wide hats can also help fight off the effects of melasma as well because it causes your facial area to be protected from the rays of the sun. Protective facial mineral is another thing that can also be used to keep your skin tone even and to prevent melasma from showing up in different areas.

Naturally curing melasma can be easily done if you use items like lemon juice to naturally bleach your skin. Simply squeeze a juice of lemon into your favorite cleanser that you’re using and then begin to cleanse your face thoroughly by scrubbing the agents that the lemon juice contains to remove the black blemishes from your skin.

The more you apply this bleaching agent contained naturally inside the lemon juice the more your dark patches will fade away on your facial area. The juice from the lemon will not only help remove away the dark patches from your face by lightening them, they will also leave your skin feeling fresher and brighter as a result.

Use vitamin C to lighten your melasma effectively by squeezing some of the juice out from a lemon and then putting it into an 8 ounce cup of water. Drink this lemon juice water a few times a day to cure your melasma from the inside out. You should definitely begin to see some new and improved results in the way your skin looks and feels within a couple weeks at least.

The other treatment that you can use to get rid of melasma effectively and in a natural way is to use an onion and vinegar mixture that can be applied on the surface of your skin to remove your dark patches easily. You should do this at least 2 times daily to get the best results in your face.


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