Being a common mental health problem, depression effects the individual in a traumatizing manner. This situation will not be directly visible to a person; however, it will affect their everyday lifestyle along with their impression on life in general. Studies at the NCS has shown that depression goes on to make a person visualize their present, past, and future are dull and gloomy. This brings about negative energy in the memories that are present and can eventually shape the destiny of a person in a certain direction.


Psychologists at the NCS tend to believe that the presence of depression leads to a variety of hindsight for the individual. These being the inability to escape the negativity, being prone to worrying about the turning out of events, and so much more.

With the presence of a depressed mind, one is not able to think positively, therefore their everyday moments revolve around a less motivation lifestyle as well as difficulty in finding optimism. This results in the inability to witness positive events and the constant belief that everything is worthless. Such a state tremendously effects the well-being of a person.

Furthermore, the presence of a depressed mind results in the person being filled with disappointment and regret. They are surrounded by a feeling of helplessness and the constant believe that the past is wrong because of their doings. This negatively effects their presence and results in a more harmful future. At the NCS the psychologists were able to see a pattern with the increased depression being present, it showed the inability to process positive events as well as a belief that the future is negative too. There was a link with the memory of past positive events too.

With the constant economic downfall and individual burden being present, the everyday person tends to be more depressed than usual. The system is designed as such that finding pure happiness and comfort is highly unlikely for an individual. The rate at which people are getting depressed tends to continuously increase every day. The presence of mid to severe depression in individuals tends to rise, which is why organizations like the NCS are at their toes to offer the right kind of services in the areas of counseling and support.


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