There are all types of pizza stones available on the market and they all promise to deliver the perfect results every time. Rarely are the results as expected and you end up with a broken stone that failed to perform in the first place. Thermarite technology has been a real game-changer in pizza cooking results. It is designed to bring together all of the elements that appeal to those that love pizza.

What elements help create the perfect pizza?

What are some of the features that come to mind with a perfect pizza? A crisp, well-done crust? Perfectly melted cheese? The pizza everyone comes back for is evenly cooked and brings out the flavors of all the ingredients used. The use of a pizza stone is one way to ensure the crust is done from the center to the outside edges. The well-made pizza stone will help moderate and distribute the temperature for overall heated perfection.

Durability and Typical Stone Cracking

The purchase of a pizza stone is always done with the hope that it will have some lasting power. Many are considered durable if used as the instructions demand, but this can often mean waiting for long periods of time for the stone to warm to the right temperature. Thermal shock is the number one reason most stones fail. Stones made with Thermarite technology can withstand more dramatic heating and cooling without cracking. This makes the stone a more practical piece of kitchen equipment.

Thermal Stability and Moisture Control

Thermarite technology is proven to provide a more thermally stable surface for pizza to cook on. You will not have areas that are hotter or cooler than others. This means the heating will be even. An even heat source is what produces the perfect results of blended ingredients that pizza lovers crave. Thermarite has the ability to pull moisture from the surface of the pizza dough in the right amounts to provide a light, crisp crust.

True Outdoor Cooking Technology

There are many stones that are advertised with the ability to cook pizza on the grill. This can often end up a disaster in the making with burnt portions and smells. Thermarite technology allows you to place the stone directly on the grill. It will never provide a burnt taste or odor and can assist in blocking the heat when it becomes too intense, protecting the integrity of the pizza.

Easy and Safe to Use

You can typically begin using a Themarite pizza stone right after purchase. There are no difficult seasoning and preparations that have to be done before use. This is a stone that is user-friendly, easy to clean, stowaway, and maintain. The FDA and the European Union have both determined Thermarite technology to be a safe surface to cook foods for human consumption. You can find more about the care and safety of a Thermarite pizza stone at

Provides Excellent Results

You will have the ability to present perfect pizza results for your family and friends whether you are baking indoors, in an outdoor pizza oven, or straight on the grill. Thermarite provides the thermal surface required for a crisp crust that is free of burning and soggy centers. This will become one of your favorite cooking tools.

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