The nose, although a very small feature of the human body, yet is largely responsible for the facial profile of an individual. A slight change in the size and shape of the nose could give you a completely new look. It is perhaps this reason that has led to the gaining popularity of a little rectification surgery of the nose, Rhinoplasty. This is a branch of plastic or cosmetic surgery needs specialization before one can perform it. Dr. Dean Toriumi MD is properly qualified to carry out an operation of Rhinoplasty successfully.

Dean Toriumi MD , a specialist of Rhinoplasty owns a Facial Plastic Surgery Centre in Chicago where he has catered to a long list of patients from the affluent section of the society. His patients are in praise of his extremely natural looking results and the services that they receive, by the staff, while they are at the centre. Dr. Toriumi is acclaimed to have written books on Rhinoplasty and has enough knowledge that he can impart it to the physicians who are in training at the University of Illinois.

Rhinoplasty has changed the life of many a people and helped them live a much better life post the surgery. So, those who intend to get the “nose job” done need to know the different variants of this kind of plastic surgery and then go ahead in planning the surgery.

1.    Reduction Rhinoplasty – the size of the nose has been the most common problem as regards the structure of the nose, which is why this procedure has been the mostly done one. As the name suggests the size of the nose is reduced. However, the modern trend involves the resizing of the nose in accordance with the other features of the face. In other words, the size should be made such that it enhances the balance of the nose with the overall appearance of the individual.

2.    Refinement Rhinoplasty – the subtle features of the nose are what make it attractive, to be more specific, it is the definition of the tip, the contour irregularities, the brow-nasal aesthetic line and the asymmetry. These are the features which when attended to refine the look of the nose.

3.    Revision Rhinoplasty– in case a particular patient is unhappy with the results of a Rhinoplasty procedure already performed on him/her and wants to get the problem areas rectified, then this is the procedure that needs to be conducted on such a patient.

4.    Reconstructive Rhinoplasty– when a cancer patient’s nose becomes disfigured post a surgery to remove the cancer, this operation is performed to restore the tissues of the nose. This reconstruction is done by taking tissues from other parts of the body and performed at the three basic layers of the nose: the outer skin, the middle foundation layer and the inner mucosal lining.


Apart from the above mentioned there is the ethnic, adolescent and aging Rhinoplasty also available. You first have to identify the kind of Rhinoplasty you need and then find out the best surgeon available by conducting a research on some of the names of doctors you may have short listed.

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