The mouth swab drug test is nothing but a test using the saliva to detect the intensity of drug usage. Many employers ask for a drug test especially at lower levels of hiring because it is harder to cheat on this test and this test uses data from a long time in the history. The mouth swab drug test is popular among the drug fighters. It is of less cost and can be used anywhere and anytime. The results of this test are actually perfect and fast. This test is far better by taking a saliva sample rather than urine and blood samples. As these tests are very irritating, the mouth swab test is best than these tests as it consumes less time. So, how to pass a mouth swab drug test? Well, there are many ways by which one can shy away from these tests quite easily. Though, these might not guarantee you 100% success but there is no harm in trying them. Ideally, there are three ways to cheat any kind of drug test dilution substitution and adulteration.

  1. Drink lots of water after taking the drugs. This will keep you body hydrated and thereby, the traces of drugs in your saliva will eventually be minimal or no more. Having plenty of water 24 hours before the test along with the DIY remedies. This will help in cleaning the drugs from urine also.
  2. Consume food that contains lot of fat. This metabolites the drugs in the body and thereby there are again no or minimal chances for the saliva to show drug consumption.
  3. Chew lots of ice cubes before the drug test.

It is the most recent way to detect consumption of drugs and can go up to 5 to 90 days beyond which means it can go longer than a urine drug test. This is why it is always suggested to stop the usage of drugs if you know that you will have to go for a drug test soon.

So, how to pass a mouth swab drug test? The test consists of a cut-off mark. If the result is below the cut-off mark it is negative and if the result is above the cut-off mark it is positive. The results of the drug tests are in the form of positive or negative and not give numeric results.

The saliva test is used to test the sample of the saliva. It is common test which can be analyzed for various health concerns. By using this test you can know if you have any kinds of infections. This test is useful for the doctors to diagnose for some diseases and check the report of the patient’s condition.You can take herbal supplements also.

If none of these works, you can dispute the results to get a second chance. Some safe reasons that you can use as reasons towards the false positive results are: when you consume poppy seeds, some over the counter cold/flu medicines and nicotine therapy products.


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