Obesity is very common all around the world as an issue but it seems that Americans are more conscious than the other nations around the globe. Americans spend more than $60 billion per year only on weight loss products. The reason is very clear. More than 70% of the adult population in US is carrying the obese or overweight issues. In result, majority of those people turned to weight loss programs, supplements or diets to shed their unwanted weight.

Weight loss programs are available in various shapes e.g. full meal plans, online support, prepackaged food, and in-person coaching etc.

In this regard, truvisioncare.com brought in a neutral comparison among the top seller in US, which will enable you to make an idea if you are suffering from obesity issues.

Remember, truvisioncare.com is not selling or promoting any of mentioned program or product. In fact, truvisioncare.com is only analyzing these programs for your kind information.

Weight Loss Programs Comparison in US by Truvisioncare.com 

  • Nutrisystem

They have been working in weight loss industry for around 40 years now and on top of the best sellers chart from truvisioncare.com. Nutrisystem products are based on a food delivery system which enables people to choose pre-crafted food palns.

Beside the food plans, Nutrisystem also offering the counselors and dietitians services as well. 

  • Medifast

Medifast is second on the table of truvisioncare.com as per weight loss program’s sale and popularity is concerned.

The company was established in 1980, offering consumers a trusted weight loss program which was developed by a physician. They have more than 70 meal replacement options for their clients. Medifast headquarter is situated in Owings Mills, Maryland.

  • Beachbody

It is another reputable weight loss company, which was established in 1998 and operating from Santa Monica, California.

There are array of weight loss products and programs are on offer by the company. Beachbody’s P90x and Insanity weight loss plans are very popular around US.

  • Weight Watchers

This is one of the oldest weight loss companies in United States which was founded in early 1960s. Weight Watchers has a full service weight loss program, including support, diet advice and weight loss education.

  • Personal Trainer Food

The company founded in Texas, 2012. They are basically a food delivery service, dealing in nutritionally optimal foods which are helpful in weight loss. Along with their unique diet coaching services, they cook, freeze and ship the meals to their clients all around the world. 

  • Herbalife

This nutrition company started its business back in 1980 and serving around 91 countries in the world from its headquarter which is situated in Los Angeles, California. Company deals in weight loss products, nutrition and skin care products.

  • LA Weight Loss Centre

The company started its business in 1989. LAWLC is famous for its weight loss solutions. The company is providing a three phase weight loss program, encapsulated with weight loss plan, stabilization plan and a maintenance plan as well.

Other Shareholders of Top 10 Weight Loss Programs Comparison in US by Truvisioncare.com.

  • Jenny Craig
  • Provida Life Sciences
  • BioSlim

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