I’m a recently single father, and life has become hectic to say the least. Between getting the kids to school, work, keeping the fridge stocked and everything else, it gets difficult to manage the day-to-day diet. I’m 43, and I’ve always had a quick metabolism. I’ve taken some fat burners in the past, on and off, with a lot of time between them to let my body calm down.

Now that I don’t have much time to exercise, I’ve picked up some extra weight. Mostly, it’s in my belly. It got to the point, however, that my face started looking rounder. I don’t drink, don’t smoke but am always on the go with food. I normally grab a Pop-Tart on my way out of the door. Or, if I have a few minutes, I’ll grab a bowl of Lucky Charms. We still have sit-down dinners, but I’ve just sort of adapted to an always-on-the-move lifestyle.

Unfortunately, my body responded with some extra weight. Nothing too major, but something I couldn’t manage with everything going on. I picked up Ultra Omega Burn about eight weeks ago, and I haven’t taken it for two weeks. I can testify to the product’s effectiveness. It works. My kids notice I have more energy, and I’m able to move around, do chores, hop into work and have high-energy weekends more often. We take a lot of walks, but we’ve recently hit up some local trails.

I’ve lost about 14.5 pounds while taking Ultra Omega Burn, and I don’t regret the price tag at all. The product comes with a free book or two, Hormone Secrets to Weight Loss. The value on both the supplement and the book is amazing. If you have cholesterol issues, have some extra pounds or really need to stem your cravings, check out Ultra Omega Burn. The stuff starts working after a week, and it’ll boost your energy levels to the heights you need. I can suggest taking it as a long-term supplement, too, being that it’s not very taxing on the body.

If you have an active lifestyle, want to pick up the pace or simply want an “edge” with fat-burning, Ultra Omega Burn is an incredibly solid product. I highly recommend it.

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