Gender stereotypes are the basic generalization of a whole group of people based on their gender. Stereotypes can both be positive and negative. The positive stereotypes may help people or at least not cause any harm. However, negative stereotypes can seriously become a hurdle in someone’s life or sometimes seriously cause a person to lose their confidence in something. The stereotypes although, are true sometimes but not always and they don’t apply to everyone because everyone has their own nature and habits and they vary from people to people. So what is true about one person may not be true about the other one which is why stereotypes are mostly based on lies and cause a person to act a certain way.

Biggest Gender Stereotypes:

Although there are many gender stereotypes in this world some of the most common ones are:

Women can’t drive:

It is popular belief that women can never be better drivers than men and there is always something wrong with how women drive. Men would never admit that a woman is a better driver than them even if she is.

Men are slobs:

It is always said that men can never keep the house clean and always are responsible for dirtying it and the women are obsessed with keeping it clean which is not true at all because it is seen many times that the man is so obsessive with keeping everything clean while the woman keeps making a mess everywhere.

Women cannot fight:

It is probably the most popular gender stereotype that women can’t fight and are always supposed to be the damsel in distress so that the man feels like a hero and save the woman from any trouble because he is the stronger one.

If a man can’t get it up then he is not a man at all:

It is an absurd stereotype of men that if a man can’t get his penis hard during sexual intercourse then he is not a man but a woman which is just so irrational that it is quite comical. Because in the modern world everyone knows that it is a biological condition called erectile dysfunction and can be cured by medicines like Kamagra. The Kamagra najtaniej (cheapest Kamagra) can be found online.

Women are polite:

It is a gender stereotype that women are polite and should always talk in a low voice which gives men a full on license to talk loudly and harshly with whomever they want and the justification for it is given as ‘He’s a boy’, which is all the reason anyone needs while the women are scolded for talking or laughing loudly.

Men don’t cry:

It is said that men are strong and they don’t need to show emotions which is a reserved act for girls and should not be done by men because it brings their sexuality in question which is just absurd. Men have as much right to cry as any other girl.

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