Jeunesse is a complex marketing company that principally sells health supplements and anti-aging creams. The company is an international network marketing company based in the United States. At present, the company maintains offices around the earth– including everywhere from Europe to Africa to Asia. The company was founded by two knowledgeable network marketers named Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray.

Jeunesse Global Nutrition

Jeunesse Global’s nutritional products are not as accepted as the anti-aging add-ons, but all the products are often sold in a package deal. They are also greatly promoted by Jeunesse Global. Here are the nutritional supplements sold by Jeunesse Global:

AM & PM Essentials: These two supplements state to setback the symptoms of premature aging. They are multivitamin pills that include a handpicked range of diverse nutritional supplements that have been suggested to diminish the effects of aging. You take the AM pills in the morning, where they help you wake up, and then you take the PM pills in the evening to make sure you get a restful sleep.

Reserve: Reserve is one of the most innovative Jeunesse Global products on the market at present. It comes in a liquid-filled packet, so it instantaneously stands out amongst the contest. It claims to influence your body at a cellular level, helping each person cell live a healthier, longer, and more dynamic life.

Finiti: Finiti is the ultimate member of the Jeunesse Global nutritional enhancement lineup. Finiti is another multivitamin that promises to lessen oxidative stress on your cells. Oxidative stress leads to aging, so by dropping it, you can decrease the effects of aging on your skin. Finiti works in a comparable way to the Luminesce products – it asserts to target an enzyme called telomerase and lengthen the lifetime of that enzyme, which in turn adds healthy life to our cells.

Jeunesse Zen

Zen declares to be a total weight management system. It pledges to aid any woman attain her health goals by giving her the nutritional support she needs. There are presently three members of the Zen product lineup, including:

  • Zen Shape: Contains natural weight loss compounds like green tea leaf extract, raspberry ketones, and mango seed extract.
  • Zen Fit: Zen Fit is a post-workout supplement that promises to aid protein digestion and boost muscle recovery.
  • Zen Pro: Zen Pro is a regular protein powder. It comes in two flavors, including chocolate dream and vanilla bliss.

Eventually, the three Zen supplements guarantee to provide a powerful weight loss mass. Jeunesse Global promises all of the following benefits when you take the supplements together as instructed:

  • Control appetite and cravings
  • Curb hunger
  • Build muscle
  • Burn body fat
  • Support cholesterol levels and healthy blood sugar.

There are two diverse ways to make money through Jeunesse Global:

  • You can sell products directly to consumers.
  • You can convince other individuals to join the company as affiliates/distributors

Apparently, this is how most network marketing companies work. Most Jeunesse members will do a concoction of the two things listed above to make money.

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