Hello Amigos, Today I am sharing my experience about my transformation from a person who was Fat to a person which has become a mirror image. There are many individuals out-there who feel cognizant about what they look like in their second skin. The purpose behind offering this story to all of you is the positive experience I had after undergoing through liposuction surgery. Prior to my surgery I read different stories about liposuction, and truly, I was little alarmed as most of the stories were not examples of overcoming adversity. I tried to cancel the surgery because of the fear after reading such stories, I successfully overcome the fear of liposuction. This was one amongst the reason behind writing my experience.

Six Months back I went through the liposuction procedure. The one thing I can state after liposuction is that it has changed my life totally and helped me in increasing my confidence. Well, that sounds too extreme, however it is still less in front of agonies that my Saddle bags gave me.

My Decision:

I weighed around 72 Kgs at the time of surgery, and was disappointed with those Saddle Bags. Before Liposuction surgery my body used to look fine however those additional fats on my external thighs confined me to wear my favorite dresses. Overall, I used to look same as others but with some kind of deformity. I thought of doing exercise to dispose-off those additional fat and in view of it I took enrollment of the fitness-center, however that didn’t paid-off. Those fat were resistant to exercise and eating regimen.

At that point, I looked for different alternatives of losing fat and at that time I found out about liposuction, which is a surgical way to lose fat. There were numerous sites who talked about liposuction however I could get the entire thought regarding Liposuction from Clinic spots, alongside that I addressed couple of individuals who knew something about liposuction.

My Consultation:

The first thing that came in my mind was picking the best liposuction surgeon in India. In the wake of doing broad research urban areas like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore gave the best experienced liposuction specialists with high achievement rate.

As I kept on scanning for liposuction surgeons, I took help of Clinic spots in discovering best liposuction surgeons in India. They provided me two choices one to go for liposuction in Delhi and another to go for liposuction in Mumbai along with these two choices given by them, I also asked for liposuction in Bangalore because of location constraints. They gave me free online consultation, and helped me in discovering Best Liposuction surgeon in Delhi.

Following 1 week of hesitation, I took an appointment with the best liposuction surgeon in Delhi. Furthermore, amid the day of appointment I was bit nervous and excited at the same time, as it was my first step towards the surgical method to get rid of those extra fats.

Amid the counsel, Doctor guided me about the method and techniques that he will be performing on my body during the surgery also, how much will the surgery cost and what are the risks involved. Afterward the choice was on me whether should I consider this treatment or not. I took two weeks of time to make the decision. In those two weeks, numerous thoughts came into my mind like, regardless of whether it will be a safe technique, will this treatment be long lasting and so on. However, at that point I decided that I need to walk straight and upright with certainty and with great confidence.

The day came when I went to liposuction surgeon, he did fundamental checkups and told me to remain positive about the outcomes.

My Procedure:

After the results came, the specialist recommended me the speculative date for the surgery and advised me certain to-dos before surgery.

On pre-decided date, in morning I went to the clinic.

All the pre-operative preparation for liposuction was done.

On the operation table, I was given general anesthesia after that it is hard to remember anything. Almost 2 l of fat was expelled from my body. I anticipated that would wake up in pain yet I was completely fine, a bit sore but nothing more than that. Genuinely! I was enthusiastically holding up to see myself without those wraps.At that time, I was a bit confused and frustrated because saw few little changes in my body, Doctor told me that it was post-surgery swelling and will decrease after some time.

At the same time of surgery, I was released from the clinic and was advised to rest for no less than seven days. I wore my compression garments day and night for just about 4 weeks, as told by my surgeon.

In the wake of opening of gauzes, I saw that I have 3 little scars to each side of legs, yet those were not observable. All the surgery wounds were mending quick, there were no spillages.


Liposuction was an attempt, that I took. A few month later outcomes were genuinely noticeable and my body shape close to thighs were looking good.

After years of being ruled by these saddlebags I am finally free! Now I can wear all those clothes which I wanted to wear without any hesitation.

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