PCT Steroids – an introduction:

Those who are habituated with the use of steroids must be aware of the PCT steroids and their functions. PCT is the abbreviated form of Post Cycle Therapy and PCT steroids are often used in between anabolic androgenic steroid cycles to balance the hormone levels in the body. The anabolic steroids are popular among athletes for their bodybuilding and stamina-enhancing properties. But, a continuous usage in high quantities might have harmful effects on the body. So, bodybuilders use these steroids in a rotation to provide rest to the body in between two cycles. As an example, they might use a particular steroid for a month continuously and then discontinue for the next one month. Then again, starting with a higher dosage and the cycle continues. PCT is extremely important to minimise the harmful effects of the steroids as well as regularise the natural balance of the body. The clomid and nolvadex tablets are the most commonly used PCT steroids that help athletes recover from the effects of the steroid cycles.

Are they safe to use?

Well, the answer will be negative as any synthetically produced steroid cannot be safe for your body. There are several contradictory opinions about the uses of PCT steroids. Many people say that using steroids to subsidise the negative effects of another set of steroids might bring bigger threats to the body. Steroids, in any form, are harmful to the human body and the uncontrolled usage for a longer period might prove to be fatal at times. So, combining it with other drugs might have a larger impact as it produces different kinds of hormones simultaneously. But, this is a common practice among athletes to use PCT steroids in gaps of using anabolic steroids in order to minimise the risks. The normal recommended dosage for clomid and nolvadex tablets is 10 mg to 50 mg daily.

Traditionally, these two steroids were developed to stimulate ovulation in women and prevent breast cancer. But, they are more in demand for non-medical reasons to act as PCT supplements for male as well as a female sportsperson. But, one must be aware of using these supplements to counteract the adverse effects of continuous steroid usage. PCT drugs have their own list of side-effects too and they must be chosen with great care. It is advisable to stop using any kind of steroid during the PCT to provide the necessary rest to the body and restore the hormonal balance naturally. You can choose various health supplements that are 100% organic with no side-effects if you wish to speed up the recovery process.

Awareness to avert the health risks

Many legal actions have been implied and thousands of awareness campaigns have been organised across the world to educate people about the potential health risks that come with steroid use. But, the demands for these drugs are still ongoing and despite all the awareness people tend to procure steroids by the illicit means and continue using them.

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