Stanozolol a popular anabolic steroid widely sold under the trade name Winstrol was primarily used to treat medical conditions that resulted in muscle wasting in humans. Apart from this they were also used for the treatment of children with stunted growth. But gradually due to its ability to increase the red blood cell production and enhancing muscle growth it increasingly became quite popular in the field of body building. The steroid helps you lose some extra pounds while keeping the lean muscle mass intact. The injectable anabolic-androgenic steroid is known to be quiet similar to the naturally occurring steroid called the testosterone.

The steroid is available both in oral and injectable form with the later being a little more preferred.  For the purpose of body building ideally one can consume 50-100mg every alternate day in the week which meant about 200mg-400mg per week. The dosage is associated with the injectable form of the steroid.  While the dosage pattern for the oral form included about 60 mg per day. The above discussed dosage patterns are suitable for males as their body is able to tolerate the higher levels of the steroid. But in case or female bodybuilders it is imperative to bring down the dosage or it might result in adverse side effects. As discussed previously the injectable anabolic-androgenic steroid being more preferred is due to the difference in the metabolic activity that both undergo. The injections are directly delivered into the blood stream and undergo a less strenuous metabolic activity. Whereas unlike injections, the oral form has to undergo an extensive metabolism process initially from the liver and the gut before being passed into the blood stream.

 Many prefer the injection since the potency of the steroid remains intact to a great extent if not completely as a result of the moderate metabolic activity. Other then this many studies have also suggested that the injectable form helps retain more nitrogen thereby leading to muscle tissues being built. Also by administering stanozolol injections the protein synthesis is also increased to great extent. The stanozolol injections also have a flip side to them as well. With the injections the liver toxicity is increased many fold with moderate dosage. The oral form causes liver toxicity only at higher doses and also has a better synergy with other drugs.

Along with the correct dosage pattern the cycle length is also very important. Because of the difference in liver toxicity that it causes the cycle length also varies accordingly. The winstrol injections should be run for a cycle of about 8-10 weeks while the oral form can be used for a 6-8 week cycle. Failing to do so the steroid has the potency to cause side effects as well. Some of the common ones include headache, nausea, vomiting and acne. Other than this they can cause changes in sleeping pattern as well. In women if the dosage is abused then it could lead to male characteristics like facial hair, hoarseness in voice and disturbed menstrual cycle. Hence it is necessary that correct cycle and dosage is maintained for the effectiveness of the steroid.

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