We’ve become so accustomed to passing comments on people’s appearance that we don’t realize we are bringing them down in some way or the other. In a society that has become so conscious of the way they look, not living up to the ‘norm’ or standards brings with it unsolicited advice and many times, it’s just cruel comments from others.

So, what exactly classifies as advice? Well, advice should be something that is being suggested to better the life of another individual. If you’re going to be commenting on how someone else should live their life, do it in a way that makes them trust you and lets them know that you have their best interest at heart.

There is this notion that if you mock the body of an overweight person, it should motivate them to lose the excess weight. Scientists have carried out studies to investigate whether this theory holds any truth and were unable to prove it. In fact, according to the results of their studies, fat-shaming has adverse effects and can force an already overweight person to eat more out of sadness.

Fat-shaming consists of a person mocking or harassing an individual for their weight or bigger body-shape in attempt to make them feel ashamed. Too many people in the world are under the impression that making fun of a person’s weight is merely telling them to watch what you eat and workout to lose the weight. Of course, there are also those that just enjoy putting other people down.

Fat shaming on Social Media

As harsh as it may be, there are actual communities on social media whose sole purpose is to make fun of people with weight problems.

Reddit had a fatpeoplehate forum which was taken down because its members would get onto pages and videos posted by big people to bully them shamelessly.

Other research has also revealed that a large portion of posts on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are directed towards shaming others. What may start off as a few comments on social media, can turn into a severe case of cyberbullying too.

At the end of last year, Los Angeles police officials charged a Playboy Playmate for secretly taking a photo of a 70yr old naked woman in her gym’s changing room and posting it on Snapchat. As expected, the post went viral and the Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Fuer took the decision to file criminal charges.

It was an unusual stance for law-enforcement to take but Fuer felt really strongly about it. He stated that such a step was necessary to prevent others from repeating the same mistakes in the future. Body-shaming may not be a crime but it does humiliate others and can have long-term consequences for the victim. Making an example of this specific case was an important step in the right direction.

Getting past fat-shaming

Those that experience body-shaming need to realize that harsh comments directed towards your weight by another person are more telling of their own misconceptions and insecurities than it says about you or weight – you are not defined by what other people say. If you have the opportunity to defend yourself then do so. Being emotionally strong will let others know that you aren’t weak and could prevent them from making these comments again. Even if you aren’t able to defend yourself, it’s fine. As long as you’re not letting their remarks affect you negatively. Many times, the individual may not know that they are hurting you, in that case, it is best you tell them that their comments make you uncomfortable. Loved ones may think they are just giving you advice and be unaware of how it affects you so let them know how you truly feel.

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