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Diet and diet with 1700 calories per day:

According to your morphology!

Your 3 menus at 1700 calories:

Sizes 8, 12 and 14.

1,700 calories per day is an interesting caloric intake for an average person (women = 2000 calories, men = 2500 calories on average). With a well-distributed diet, you will lose weight in quality, that is, with one good fat ratio.

To lose 10 pounds with a diet of 1,700 daily calories, you will need 6 to 16 weeks. This difference depends on many factors: your caloric needs as well as your current condition: obese or not. According to these two criteria mainly, you will tend more about 6 or 16 weeks.

You can consult my relevant dietary advice in 1 month, weight loss in 2 months or 3 months.

I decided to provides you with 3 types of diet with 1,700 Kcal per day according to your morphology


  • 1,700 calorie menu: Ectomorph

1 white cheese yogurt 0% (70 Cal.)
1 serving of special cereals K (80gr) with milk (200 Ml) (370 Cal.)
1 banana (100 calories)

Cooked tuna (100 g) (190 calories)
Midi vegetables (red / green pepper, eggplant, onion, zucchini, garlic) (200 gr) (130 Cal.)
Cooked white rice Basmati (200gr) (180 Cal.)
2 simple yogurts with 1 freshly cut fruit of your choice (230 Cal.)

Chicken breast (150gr.) (150g)
Spaghetti (200g) (170 calories)
1/2 eggplant au gratin (70 Cal.)


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My opinion on this menu is 1500 calories per day:

– In short, the ectomorphs are the people they have a lot of difficulty in gaining weight. However, do not rely on your current weight, as it may be due to poor nutrition in recent years or decades. You have no problem consuming carbohydrates and you need many of them even on a diet.

– Thanks to the significant intake of carbohydrates, you will have all the necessary vitamins and minerals thanks to fruits and vegetables.

– In terms of protein requirements, they will also be satisfied.

– The only point where you can optimize your diet 1,700 calories per day is a supplement good fat omega 3. Will not no burner or appetite suppressant requiredbecause you won’t have much trouble burning your fat.

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  • Menu at 1700 Kcal per day: Endomorph

Green tea

4 egg whites + 1 yolk (150 calories)
1 small level wholemeal bread flour (70 Cal.)
1 apple (50 calories)
1 white cheese yogurt 0% (70 Cal.)
1 handful of almonds (90 calories)
1 tablespoon olive oil (90 Cal.)

Chicken breast (200 grams) (200 calories)
1 serving (150gr) cooked lentils (150 calories)
1 Batavia salad / cucumber / onion / lemon juice (70 Cal.)
1 Linoleum (90 Cal.)
1 white cheese yogurt 0% (70 Cal.)

Salmon steak (150 gr.) (270 g)
Beans (200 gr) (80 Cal.)
1 white cheese yogurt 0% (70 Cal.)
1 canola olive oil (90 Cal.)

My opinion on this diet in 1500 calories:

– If you are endomorphic, is that you have dhuge ease in gaining weight. In general, your face is rather rounded as well you have always had problems with losing weight.

– If you are more endomorphic in morphology, you should have high levels of protein and lipids and limit carbohydrates, especially those who are fast.

– This diet of 1700 calories per day with a very good percentage of protein as well as good fats. It is quite monotonous, but well established, you will be at the top in terms of weight loss.

– You will not need Omega 3you can use a fat burner on the other hand.

Ψ: you are not enough at 1700 calories in the menu I offer, however with cooking food, you will find yourself more or less 1700 kcal.

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  • Meals 1,700 calories a day: Mesomorph

3 egg whites + 1 yolk (130 calories)
2 small oat bran pancakes (120 Cal.)
1 Orange (80 Cal.)
1 walnut nut (90 Cal.)

Spaghetti Bolognese (300 Cal.)
Asparagus (200 gr) (50 Cal.)
2 0% white cheese yogurt (140 Cal.)
1 handful of nuts (90 calories)
1 kiwi (60 calories)

Canned sardines drained (150 gr) (180 Cal.)
Cooked quinoa (100 gr) (120 Cal.)
Steamed zucchini (200 g) (50 calories)
1/2 avocado (180 calories)

My opinion on this menu is 1700 calories per day:

– Mesomorph is located between ecto and endo. He doesn’t It is not difficult to gain weight, but it can also lose weight quickly when wearing it.

– For this morphology, you have to be more or less in between: good protein, carbs, but not as much as ectomorph and a little good fat (but not as much as the introspective).

– The menu with 1,700 daily calories is well balanced. You you do not need essential vitamin supplements, omega 3 is always good to take, but look no further a good fat burner effective in optimizing this fat loss.


Do not give up!


1700 calories per day according to your morphology – P10K.com
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