6 answers to your questions about vitamins and minerals

My symptoms are due to lack of vitamins and minerals?

Although it is less common in North America to suffer from a deficiency of vitamins, for some people, including those with the wrong diet, a vitamin deficiency can lead to symptoms such as:

  • fatigue;
  • depressed mood;
  • lack of energy or driving;
  • leg cramps;
  • etc.

However, it is important to remember that these symptoms can be a manifestation of several other health problems. Therefore, a health check is needed to establish a medical diagnosis.

In addition, the lack of certain minerals and vitamins can lead to the development of diseases. For example, osteoporosis, a disease characterized by weakened bones and an increased risk of fractures, is associated with insufficient intake of calcium and vitamin D. In Canada, many people of all ages would benefit from taking the supplement. daily calcium and vitamin D, especially if they eat little foods that are rich in it, such as dairy.

6 answers to your questions about vitamins and minerals
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