6 signs that you have lost weight, even if the scale says otherwise!

Make an effort for several weeks now: less prepared meals, less coke but above all a little more sport.

Eventually you deserved to weigh yourself. The long-awaited moment that will bring you joy, happiness, pride and a few kilos less …

Once you get up, run straight to your bathroom, step on the scales with your feet together and close your eyes waiting for the final verdict.

You no longer hold on, you open one eye, leaving yourself with a rather distant and blurred vision of the divine figure … LAMVAN! Rub your eyes, it’s not possible! 1 month of sacrificing yourself and taking care of everything. All this for?!?

The number has not changed, even for the lucky ones, it has increased. What an injustice!

Rest assured, if weight loss doesn’t necessarily appear on the scale, that doesn’t mean you haven’t lost weight. And we can prove that to you.

Muscle mass also weighs a small amount of weight, so it’s only normal that the scale doesn’t reveal a calorie loss. Fortunately, there are various signs that you have lost weight. And that’s what the rest say.


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1 – You float lightly on your clothes
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This is the most reliable indicator: you will see the results quite quickly by simply trying on your clothes: get good old jeans that are hard to get in and admire! Or even get your usual little t-shirt, you’ll love the way it bends today.

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2 – Your appetite is less important than before
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Slowly, you have learned to listen to your body and not consume it. So this is no longer a problem not to refill yourself, you are no longer thinking about snacks and above all, you are no longer obsessed with this square of chocolate that haunts you, at tea time. What happiness!

3 – Your strength increases tenfold
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If you persist for a long time, you will soon realize that fat is stifling your strength and that you are far from the maximum in terms of strength. Now you find that you can largely climb 5 floors without being so short of breath, you can follow the bus without getting in the water once in a while, in short, you can use your body normally.

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4 – Your body will thank you more and more
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Once the first results are visible, the efforts become a real cure. The best advice to stay motivated and really see the results is to take pictures of yourself regularly. Never too pleasant the first few times, evolution will not convince you.

5 – You feel an energy boost
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You feel better about yourself and you can feel it: you breathe the joy of life! Endorphins also work with vitamins. you want to live life to the fullest and have all the energy for it. Often, athletes are in the morning, not for nothing …

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6 – You have less desire for fat
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You have become accustomed to your new diet and, therefore, to new ingredients, which are increasingly appreciated. You love them for their taste, but also for the benefits they offer to your body. Do you think that this new diet is good for your health and gradually disgusted with everything related to junk food? Are you really changing …

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6 signs that you have lost weight, even if the scale says otherwise!
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