an effective or dangerous weight loss program?

The 1000 calorie diet is one low calorie program which will allow you to lose weight fast. However, this should not be followed by chance: the Daily calorie intake should be reduced and must incorporate so-called low-calorie foods rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber, so you have energy throughout the day. Through this diet, your body use fat stores to burn fat. Consequence: you will lose a few extra pounds. But does a 1000 calorie diet allow you to lose weight permanently? How to lose weight with this diet?

In this article, we will explain the principles of the 1000 calorie diet and what foods you should incorporate into your diet to prepare low calorie meals according to your weight loss program.

Beginning of the 1000 calorie diet

The 1000 calorie diet is a low calorie diet that consists of reduce your daily calorie intake. On average, a man’s metabolism is about 2,200 calories a day compared to 1,900 for a woman. By reducing your calorie intake to 1,000 calories a day, your body therefore burns more calories than it consumes. Here, the loss of extra pounds is therefore automatic, as the body draws from fat stores to burn it.

How long does this weight loss diet last?

There is no specific duration for the 1000 calorie diet. However, it is important to do not follow it after 8-10 weeks. And if you feel tired or find that consuming 1000 calories a day is very difficult for you, stop eating. Indeed, emotions are different from one person to another: if for some, following such a diet is not a restriction, for others, on the contrary, it will be torture.

diet duration 1000 calories

Also, remember: weight loss will be real if you they are positive. If you feel frustrated, stop eating and turn to another weight loss solution.

How many pounds can you lose with this diet?

On average, weight loss is understandable between 1 and 2 pounds per week. This loss varies from person to person and depends on several factors such as professional activity, stress, activity level or even metabolism.

How to follow a weight loss program with 1000 calories a day?

If consuming 1000 calories a day is the main rule of a 1000 calorie diet, the quality of the food you eat is also important (see Diet). Indeed, it is important to adopt a healthy diet and diversify your diet to reduce the risk of nutritional deficiencies and to have a good distribution among the various nutrients (lipids, proteins and carbohydrates).

Among the foods you can eat, you can find:

  • Lean meat: poultry, beef, rabbit, horse, lamb …
  • Fish: anchovies, carp, Atlantic daouki, red mullet, zander, mussels, trout
  • Vegetables: artichokes, eggplant, carrot, celery, cauliflower, cucumber, zucchini, spinach, beans, leeks…
  • Fruits: apricot, banana, lemon, grapefruit, kiwi, pear, peach, apple, pineapple…
  • Starchy foods: lentils, bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, semolina, beans.
  • Dairy products: butter, white cheese 0% fat, sour cream, whole milk, plain yogurt, skim milk.
  • Cereals: oatmeal, muesli, croissant.
  • Fats: olive oil, peanut oil …

You can also eat eggs and chocolate.

Menu ideas according to a 1000 calorie diet per day

Menu 1

  • Morning : a cup of green tea without sugar + a tablespoon of white cheese with 0% fat + two slices of bread.
  • Snack : a pear.
  • At noon : cabbage salad (quantity: one bowl) + 250 grams of cooked wheat + medium beef steak.
  • Snack : 200 grams of fruit salad with red fruit.
  • The evening : 2 boiled eggs + 150 grams of raw vegetables in a salad without sauce.

Menu 2

  • Morning : 200 ml orange juice + 2 crackers with jam + yogurt or white cheese 0% fat.
  • At noon : 150 grams of cooked quinoa + 200 grams of steamed broccoli + 100 grams of tuna in natural crumbs + a walnut dash.
  • The evening : 200 grams of cauliflower with emmental cheese + 150 grams of chicken breast.

Menu 3

  • Morning : tea or coffee without sugar + 2 eggs prepared as an omelette or boiled + a piece of chicken breast + an apple + a slice of wholemeal bread with jam.foods allowed under the 1000 calorie program
  • At noon : green salad with tomato and chopped olive oil + 150 grams of green beans without spices + 5% fat steak + 100 grams of basmati rice + fruit yogurt.
  • The evening : 200 grams of reactive salad with balsamic vinegar + white cheese yogurt 0% fat.

Which utensils do you prefer?

You can choose between cooking with steam, oven or water (no need to add fat). Frying should be discarded.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this weight loss program?

A 1000 calorie diet is effective for rapid weight loss. But it also allows you to:

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Adopt good eating habits.
  • Change your diet because the range of approved foods is wide.
  • Find out exactly how much you swallow.
  • Avoid snacks between meals.

On the other hand, a 1000 calorie diet can cause nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, it should not be observed in the long run. Here are his other limitations:

  • Avoid salt and sweeteners on your dishes.
  • Do not snack between meals.
  • Exercising and eating 1000 calories is not compatible.
  • Include 300 grams of fish or meat per day.
  • Use a little fat.
  • Choose low-calorie and satisfying foods at the same time.
  • Measure the number of calories per day.

Before you start a 1000 calorie diet, your doctor’s advice is also required, especially if you have health problems.

Contraindications to this weight loss diet

A 1000 calorie diet is contraindicated for the elderly, developing children, pregnant and lactating women.

If you do sports, such a diet and sports activity they are not compatible. Indeed, following a 1000 calorie diet a day will benefit you from an energy level that will allow you to follow a normal physical activity (climbing stairs, a little walking…), but you will not be able to exercise in an intense sport.

How to lose weight fast and well with a diet of 1000 calories a day?

  • Start your 1000 calorie diet gradually by reducing your meals by 100 calories a day. This drop will allow your body to get used to your dietary changes.
  • Continue this diet if you do not feel tired and do not represent discomfort.
  • Do not mix protein and starch at night.
  • Record the foods you eat and their calories in a notebook. This will allow you to locate the caloric values ​​of the food and simply prepare low calorie meals.
  • Create a list of weight loss foods you want to keep track of.

And at the end of the low calorie diet, what to do?

To avoid a yoyo effect, it is important to adopt one healthy diet not exceeding 2,000 calories a day. To do this, increase your meals by 50 calories a day.

If you deviate, don’t feel guilty. Is normal. But then, eat lean foods like vegetables, meat, fish, cottage cheese and a little fat for 2-3 days. As a drink, take water or sugar-free drinks (coffee, tea, herbal tea).

weight loss program with 1000 calories a day

Diet 1000 calories a day: my opinion and sense

Before you start a daily 1000 calorie diet, it is necessary talk to your doctor so as to validate the monitoring of such a weight loss program depending on your state of health. If he agrees, follow this diet in the short term (no more than 8-10 weeks), to avoid nutritional deficiencies and psychological disorders.

By following this diet properly, you will get one interesting weight loss. In addition, this program allows a wide variety of foods, which will allow you to change the menus and avoid some monotony.

On the other hand, if you are exercising, note that this type of weight loss program is not suitable because you may be in energy deficiency.

Once you have completed your diet, adopt a balanced and healthy diet. It is important not to regain your lost weight and maintain your ideal weight!

And for those who feel they can follow it, here is the daily 800 calorie diet to lose weight fast.

an effective or dangerous weight loss program?
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