Diet and pleasure: – 3 pounds thanks to our weight loss menus (week 1)

Diet and pleasure, this is online weight loss coaching on the web, mobile devices and tablets, launched by Current Woman. A new method based on the energy density of food. Discover its benefits in the preview and first week of menus.

Diet and Pleasure is a particularly interactive program created under the guidance of Damien Galtier, a dietitian and nutritionist. Simple and practical weight loss coaching, resulting in the promise of progressive, healthy and lasting weight loss, which retains a core concept: Lacomy.

The pillar of the method is energy density

At the heart of diet and pleasure is an innovation based on the principle of energy density, in other words the calorie / nutrient ratio of a food. Example: Green beans are low in calories but rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Therefore, these are foods that should be preferred as they are said to be “low energy density”. On the other hand, a cup of cake that paniculates the calorie counter while being devoid of nutritional benefits, is said to be “high energy density”. This does not mean that it should be banned for life, but simply that you must learn to integrate it as part of a balanced diet. In fact, this concept is more subtle than it looks! Because one food can fall into both categories at the same time. Example: All rice has a better energy density than white rice, while the calorie side is kif-kif. But the former is richer in vital elements and its saturation power much higher. By preferring foods with low energy density, we can lose weight without being hungry while maintaining our health.

Energy Pyramid®, a fun and educational tool

The whole point of dieting and pleasure is to help get the good out of the chaff in the blink of an eye with Energy Pyramid®. It has three floors, each corresponding to color: green, yellow, red. Practically: You have a quota of points calculated based on your age, height, weight … You enter every food into your food and your personalized pyramid is filled automatically. Example: if you have eaten a burger, a high energy meal, this corresponds to 0.5 green point, 3 yellow points, 0.5 red point. So with one click, you know how many dots of each color are left to spend for the day. And the online trainer immediately offers you balance, nutritional tips and recipe suggestions to help you adjust the composition of your next meals as needed.

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Diet and pleasure: – 3 pounds thanks to our weight loss menus (week 1)
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