Dieting 1000 calories: which menu, results and results?

Do you need to diet 1000 calories a day? Here are 3 menus, results, testimonials and opinions on the subject before you decide.

3 menus in 1000 calories:

You will find below 3 typical diet days 1000 calories for consumption.

You should know that you could eat McDonald’s, but to be full, that you fill your stomach and obviously to increase your body fat, it is more interesting to note. these 3 healthy menus.

  • 1) Salty menu: 1080 calories

Breakfast: 410 calories

slimming diet 1000 calories

Breakfast omelette for weight loss diet 1000 calories

To limit the total calories consumed during the morning to 410 calories, simply:

– tea or coffee (2 natural burners) without sugar
– 2 boiled eggs or scrambled eggs (180 calories)
– 1 slice of chicken breast (90 calories)
– 1 small apple (60 calories)
– 1 slice of wholemeal bread with jam (80 calories)

Noon: 540 calories

– Batavia salad with 1 tomato with drizzle of olive oil (110 calories)
– 150 grams of beans without spices (30 calories)
– 1 steak with 5% fat (200 calories)
– 100 grams of cooked rice Basmati (100 calories)
– 1 fruit yogurt (100 calories)

Dinner: 130 calories

– 200 grams of salad with a little balsamic vinegar (60 calories)
– 1 0% yogurt or blage from 70% (70 calories)

  • 2) Sweet menu: 1030 calories

Morning: 260 calories

diet menu 1000 calories a day

Diet menu 1000 calories a day with a sweet breakfast

– 2 nuts with jam (100 calories)
– 200 ml of orange juice (90 calories)
– 1 yogurt or blage from 0% with 0% fat (70 calories)

Noon: 490 calories

– 200 grams of broccoli (70 calories) (See: Broccoli, better fat burning food?)
– 150 grams of cooked Quinoa (220 calories)
– 100 gr. Tone in natural crumb (110 calories)
– 1 chopped walnut (90 calories)

Night: 280 calories

– 200 gr. Cauliflower with emmental (100 calories)
– 150 g chicken breast (180 calories)

  • 3) Rich menu: 1095 calories

Morning: 225 calories

menu 1000 calories

Diet 1000 Calories menu with muesli

– 50 grams of cereal-type muesli or oat flakes (150 calories)
– 150 ml semi-skimmed milk (75 calories)

Noon: 550 calories

– 1 Raw Tuna Sandwich (350 calories) and a dessert containing 200 calories

Night: 320 calories

– 100 grams of minced meat in 5% fat (180 calories)
– 200 grams of peas (140 calories)

Take a look at this article if you want to see some fat burning recipes.

See also 12 fat burning foods that I suggest you eat when losing weight.

Is it dangerous to go on a 1000 calorie diet?

Dangerous diet of 1000 calories

A 1000 calorie diet dangerous or not?

Diet OR ARTICLE food balance it becomes necessary when you are overweight or just if you find that your diet is unhealthy and unbalanced for your health.

Above all, it is a purely medical procedure and can reduce or even eliminate the risk of diabetes, hypertension and several other eating disorders.

Temporary weight loss:

Nutritional results of 1000 calories

Menu 1000 temporary calorie results

Run one 1000 calorie diet per day attracts a large number of people. Because the the results are fast.

This type of 1000 calorie menu represents an active diet: they allow fast, significant weight loss, but ONLY in the short term unfortunately

In the medium and long term, studies have clearly shown that a low calorie dietleads to weight gain in months and years following this type of 1000 calorie diet resulting in compensation, yoyo, hormonal imbalance and protection of your metabolism.

These factors are simply biological and you can do almost anything, this will increase your weight 95% of cases after this type of feeding.

Deficiencies / disease:

low calorie diet at 1000 calories

A low calorie diet of 1000 calories a day quickly creates deficiencies

A 1000 calorie menu necessarily leads to deficiencies if you do it for several weeks causing anemia, rickets, pellagra, scurvy, cancer, etc.

You may already have a low calorie diet of 1000 calories or a little more without even knowing it. The consequences can also be: chronic fatigue, great weakness of your immune system, reduction of your muscle mass, abnormalities of menstruation, etc.

To find out if you already have such food, I invite you to download the calorie calculator offered (see this website: and get a typical day when you calculate all the calories. your.

It is important to get out of this malnutrition based on 1000 calorie meals per day in order to provide the necessary fuel for your body and avoid other complications and diseases that may occur later.

Other side effects:

1000 calorie diet and weight loss

Diet 1000 calories and weight loss: What effects?

Be aware that it can have a 1000 calorie diet or be active in this style many side effects.

Among the first symptoms, we mention the constipation, fatigue, nausea and diarrhea, decreased bone density Optimizing the risk of fracture in the slightest shock, depression, drowsiness and swelling in your legs.

Some results may seem insignificant, but you need to keep them in mind. Also, when they occur, it is best to end your diet or go to a dietitian or doctor to find a suitable solution to your problem.

What results from a 1000 calorie diet per day?

By following this 1000 calorie diet per day properly, this is the result you can eliminate 2 to 6 pounds in 1 week without really worrying.

However, as a reminder: If you continue this type of diet menu at 1000 calories a day for several weeks, it can become dangerous, but in addition you will definitely have stagnation in your weight.

How much can you lose in 1 month with a 1000 calorie diet?

Between 2 and 10 kilos because, you will stop very quickly (and you will gain weight very quickly after stopping). But let me remind you: Avoid at any cost the extension of such a regime and even its initiation.

Consult 4 different menus from 1000 to 1700 calories.

1000 calorie diet: testimonials in the forums for this type of diet:

Nutritional testimonials of 1000 calories

Regime 1000 calories testimonials in the forums

I searched for you what is on the various French-language forums on Isto with testimonials from people who try 1000 calorie meals every day.

– “I’ve been on a diet for almost 2 weeks, I’ve lost 1.5 kilos. I find it really perfect, but I stop and find it, that I perfect more than I lose weight “

– “In one week I lost a little more than 3 kilos, but because I have a lot of weight to lose in general the first kilos are easier to extract

– I am on a 1200 calorie diet (I try because otherwise it is too small).
I have lost 8 kilos in 2 months. I advise you not to do less than 1200, it is not good for health than everyone told me “

– “I have lost 2.5 kilos in 5 weeks, but I also lost 1 size in my clothes. I’m not disappointed, I’m relying on my reserves. “

As you can see The evidence for the 1000 kcal diet per day is successful. However, what you need to know is that 95% of these people will statistically gain weight and more in the coming months for the reasons I have already mentioned in the article.

These testimonies were mainly collected on the forum

How to diet at 1000 kcal per day?

Balanced diet of 1000 calories

Balanced 1000 calorie diet: How to do it?

Like any weight loss program, low-calorie draconian diets of this style do not necessarily require a change in lifestyle and diet because, you will do it in the short term.

However, you need to be well organized to monitor and limit the amount of food you eat not exceeding the total of 1,000 calories allowed.

So make sure you eat low-calorie foods, a healthy breakfast, not too much fat to get to a 1000 kcal diet a day.

In addition, care should be taken in selecting low-GE foods (see the article on the low-GE diet).

I advise you to do this period of diet under strict medical supervision.

Diet high in protein 1000 calories a day

If in addition to a low-calorie diet, you add a SUPER protein diet, then it is not good at all.

Indeed, there is evidence that a 9-14% increase in animal protein in your diet you increase the chances of becoming obese. [1]

A little more protein yes, but no SUPER protein.

Similarly, do not diet only with starchy foods, for example. You need to maintain a good distribution between your macronutrients.

Stabilize after the menu 1000 calories a day

Stabilization after diet 1000 calories

How to stabilize after a diet 1000 calories

As I pointed out to you, when you lose weight with a 1000 calorie menu, it is very likely that you will GREAT yoyo result and so you gain pounds, or even more than before the low calorie diet of 1000 calories …

In fact, you can’t escape it!

You can just MOUNTAIN break from a stabilization phase after a 1000 calorie diet a day.

To do this, be sure to apply the following data:

  • For 7 days to 1 week, add about 100 more calories to your diet each day. For example, if you eat 1000 calories on Monday, eat 1100 calories on Tuesday, adding for example 1 yogurt.
  • Add light physical activity. If you already have sports, add walking or a daily activity (very light) to replenish your excess calories.

By applying this data, you will have successfully completed the stabilization phase after the 1000 calorie diet.

Summary and my opinion on the 1000 calorie diet:

Diet 1000 calories per day notice

Regime 1000 calories per day notice and conclusion

  • It is important to remember that with the adoption of this type of draconian weight loss program in the medium and long term, you risk falling into the trap of anorexia or experiencing psychological disorders. Before you start the menu of 1000 calories per day, I advise you to talk to your doctor.
  • Diet 1000 calories a day what are the effects of SCYRODEMA? If you follow this diet, you will notice weight loss of 2 to 6 pounds from the 1st week.
  • As usual, I do NOT advise you at all make a menu with 1000 calories a day! If you read my article correctly, you have come to understand that this type of diet is a bait. Are you losing a lot? but in 95% of cases you get back all your pounds and more afterwards.
  • Today, is clearly proven this the more diet this style, the more you increase your chances for d“It simply came to our notice then. [2]
  • Only food balance and changing your eating habits SMALL AND SMALL will make you lose fatnot to mention a weight loss diet. For example, replace your sunflower oil with coconut oil. Or try eating a portion of vegetables with each meal, etc.
  • All of these eating habits seem insignificant when isolated. But put an end to it, you end up with fat, better health and vitality every day for you and those around you.
  • If you want to learn to eat healthy, see the scientifically proven nutritional tips I prepared for you in the presentation video (I also tell you about the story of the frog that made me lose a lot of weight).

Notes and reports:

[1] : Http://
[2] : Http://

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