Do you need vitamins?

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Basic information about the proper functioning of our body, we must provide enough every day. If you are unsure of the quality of your food, a multi-vitamin is essential

Vitamins are nutrients that we need to provide daily in our diet. Some, such as vitamin D3, can be stored, others cannot. Some can be done by us, others cannot.
they need vitamins
In the end, our diet should not only respect the so-called “macroeconomic” balances, but also “small”, that is, the balance of vitamin and metal intake.

Why should we respect vitamin intake?

Vitamins are micronutrients that will allow and facilitate the proper functioning of our body. An imbalance in the proportions between vitamins, lack of another, poor quality source and your body will work erratically.

This may go unnoticed (vitamin deficiency is measured in the long run, at least for a few days / weeks). But you risk paying the consequences one day or the other (nervousness, osteoporosis, premature aging, poor immune defenses …).

How to provide vitamins to our body?

Vitamins reach our body in two ways: either we make them (like vitamin D through sun exposure), or we make them part of our diet.

In fact, almost all vitamins should be consumed because in our latitudes, with pollution, clothing and makeup, sun exposure is insufficient (not to mention that our modern life increases vital needs).

Well, Our food is essentially the only source of vitamins for our body. It is therefore recommended that you choose the food accurately (the ones that have the most) and balance (gather the food to have all the vitamins in your dishes).

If you are unsure about your diet, you can supplement your diet with vitamin supplements.

How do you make sure you get enough vitamins with food?

This is very difficult because current cultivation methods reduce the amount of vitamins in fruits and vegetables. Transportation and storage years. In terms of storage conditions (heat) and cooking also destroys certain vitamins.

In the end, it is quite difficult to know the quantities we make.

In general, processed, imported and super-processed foods (fertilizers, industrial pesticides) should be reduced as much as possible. The use of local and seasonal fruits and vegetables seems to be the same way of ensuring minimal vitamin intake. The biological sector (or equivalent) is also a guarantee of a reduction in harmful products for health.

Finally, using a lot of vitamins can also be a good solution, especially during times of low diversity (for example winter) or when you feel tired, nervous … signs that may result from an imbalance in the vitamin.

Can we complement each other all year round?

Even if this is wrong, many people do not eat enough fruits and vegetables (and seafood). They are permanently deficient in certain vitamins.

The multivitamin solution is a viable solution for them. However, pay attention to their content, because the vitamins they contain should not be of good quality or in the appropriate form (bioavailable). In general, it will be necessary to avoid poly-vitamins from large areas, the first values.

Do you need vitamins?
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