Does eating only vegetables and meat make you lose weight?

You have cut most of the sugars and carbohydrates from your diet, including fruit, and you eat almost only vegetables and meat? It can help you lose weight. Of course, provided that they follow some basic rules.

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A meat and vegetable diet can be very effective

Consumption of protein and vegetables is the basis of nutrition known for their effectiveness in the short and long term. This is especially true for the “low carb” diet, and in some measure of the Dukan regime.

Why does this type of diet make you lose weight? Just because it severely limits the intake of sugar in the diet, which means that our body does not “create” more fat than it swallows.

In addition, the calories contained in vegetables are generally very low, compared to an accompaniment that will include rice, legumes or pasta for example.

Finally, a dish or recipe that contains meat increases the feeling of satiety, so you don’t go hungry for several hours. In the end, it’s all about effective weight loss.

The rules you need to follow to lose weight this way

Eating only meat and vegetables at a given time will allow you to lose weight, provided you take daily reflexes:

  • Do not abuse the parts on the plate
  • Favorite lean meats
  • Don’t pay for bread as an accompaniment
  • Do not add sauces, otherwise you will get fat

Remember to change the way you cook your vegetables (steamed, raw, in salads, but also in soup or gazpacho), so you don’t get bored after a few days of eating.

In any case, this 100% diet dedicated to meat and vegetables should not last more than a few days. It is important to keep a balanced diet, otherwise you risk going too fast in case of deviation, but also multiply shortages and frustrations.

Add slowly wholegrain and legumes, while hydrating well and exercising. Also, consider diversifying your protein sources so that you don’t just consume meat: fatty fish are great allies for your line and health, such as plant-based proteins, legumes …

Your body will thank you and you will continue to keep the line of your dreams!

Does eating only vegetables and meat make you lose weight?
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