The main health benefits of cannabis

It is very nutritious : Cannabis seeds are rich in various nutrients. Full of good fats, they are sources of essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6. It is also a plant source very rich in protein. They contain more than chia seeds or flax seeds, for example. In addition to protein and fatty acids, cannabis is a natural supply of vitamins, the list of which is long: vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, zinc … Oil, flour and cannabis proteins are made from seeds.

A superfood factory: This richness in fatty acids, and especially in omega-3s, makes it an important ally for a healthy and balanced diet. If you are advised to eat fish twice a week, it is because there are not many foods that contain omega-3s and that we keep fish particularly rich. But for vegetarians and vegetarians, cannabis is a product you are targeting!

Good digestion depends, among other things, on the intake of fiber in a person’s diet. The balance of intestinal microbes is complex but necessary for the general state of health. Hemp, especially in the form of seeds, is an excellent source of fiber.

Many other benefits have been highlighted by studies, in particular its involvement in the fight against the symptoms of arthritis or its benefits in combating skin disorders (itching, eczema, dryness, aging, etc.), sleep and its natural relaxing effects. That’s why more and more athletes love regular cannabis consumption.

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