How many calories do I burn when I ride a bike?

Cycling as a daily activity is a good way to burn calories. It is often believed – wrongly – that when you go to work by bike, you do not burn a lot of calories. However, this is not true. Indeed, the weight combined with the speed at which you drive affects the number of calories you burn.

It should be noted that even if we drive slowly, about 15km / hour, we lose some calories. Now that you know it, why not leave your car at home a few times a week and go for a bike ride ?! Very quickly, you will find that you are losing a lot of calories, even making a quick turn.

By bike for work in less than 16km / hour

Most people use the bicycle as an additional means of transportation. In this way, they save gas and at the same time, unconsciously lose a little weight after playing sports while cycling.

To find out how many calories you burn while riding a bike, always calculate according to 1 hour of practice. We can, of course, calculate this number depending on how long we have been on our bike. For example, we burn half as much as half an hour of cycling,… For people who take the bike to work, lasts an average of 16km / hour.

Below, you will find the table of calories lost by bike depending on your weight.

  • 60 kg – 240 calories
  • 70 kg – 280 calories
  • 80 kg – 320 calories

Recreational cycling: between 16 and 20 km / h

Some people go faster than others when driving, simply because they regularly ride a bike as a leisure activity or are used to moving to work every day. To burn calories significantly, drive between 16 and 20 km / h.

If you want to know exactly what you have lost, a tip, hang a meter on your bike to measure the results.

Here is another table showing the calories lost if you drive between 16 and 20 km / h.

  • 60 kg – 408 calories
  • 70 kg – 476 calories
  • 80 kg – 544 calories

Fast cycling: 22 to 26 km / h

Before reaching speeds of 22 to 26 km / h and maintaining that speed for an hour or more, you need to train. This is not a result that you can get at the same time. This performance is obviously great, but after such an effort, you will see the number and number of calories you have burned. You will quickly see results in weight loss if you cycle at 22 to 26 km / h and eat a healthy diet.

Under a summary table if you are driving between 22 and 26km / h

  • 60 kg 600 calories
  • 70 kg 700 calories
  • 80 kg 800 calories

Cycling with a racing bike: faster than 32km / hour

Cycling at speeds of 32 km / h or more is almost impossible with a simple bike. You need a racing bike. Obviously, you have to train before you get that speed and then you have to keep it. The effort you have to make to reach them 32km / hour It is important, but also the loss of calories that you will lose if you persist for an hour or more. However, when you ride a bike at this speed, we are no longer talking about recreational cycling, but you are really going to do sports. You need to change your eating habits to learn how to maintain that level. Eating pasta before your benefits is not a bad idea.

  • 60 kg 948 calories
  • 70 kg 1,105 calories
  • 80 kg 1264 calories

Uphill / uphill cycling

If you are well trained and want to climb the mountain on the weekend, this is a completely different story. Climbing a mountain at 26 km / h does not seem possible. However, you will burn a lot of calories in one climb.

For this effort, we calculate at a quarter of an hour, because it can reach a quarter of an hour. it is already quite heavy.

  • 60 kg 210 calories
  • 70 kg 245 calories
  • 80 kg 280 calories
How many calories do I burn when I ride a bike?
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