How many calories do you need to lose a kilo?

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A calculation… very stupid

One pound of fat equals about 9,000 calories.

Imagine a woman whose daily calorie intake is 2000 kcal. If you reduce your intake to 1,700 kcal per day, a drop of 300 kcal, fat loss should reach 1 kg in a month. A real school calculation, remember the stories of empty bathtubs or trains. But the body is complex, not just a calculator or a boiler. It cannot escape the thermodynamic, physiological, biochemical realities, person. From your own weight history.

ABS and investment: equip yourself!

The equation with two unknowns

In simplistic and somewhat simplistic terms, the calorie balance equation is based on two concepts: food consumption and energy expenditure. By playing a little on these factors adapted to your normal diet and fitness, you will be more likely to “burn” this first pound.

You do not need to start a tasteless diet that is served in a homeopathic amount or exercise 3 hours a day to lose the extra pounds. The body has many mechanisms for maintaining its fat mass in case of a strict diet!

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This comes from a question asked to our nutritionist: You and you should ask your dietitian.

How many calories do you need to lose a kilo?
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