how to avoid shortages?

Eating vegetarian food, that is, excluding meat, fish and seafood from your diet, is not an easy or quick process. However, this diet is not dangerous, provided you follow certain rules. Here are some practical tips to avoid deficiencies.

Different vegetarian diets

If his idea eat vegetarians be tempted, you know there is not just one many vegetarian diets, depending on the food of animal origin that are excluded:
– The ovolacto vegetarian diet consists of not consuming animal products (meat, fish and seafood), but does not exclude animal products such as eggs and dairy products.
There are variants that exclude either eggs or dairy products.

– The Kosovo diet consists of not eating meat but of eating fish as well as products of animal origin (eggs and dairy products).

– the vegan diet, which is the most restrictive, excludes both animal products and by-products. It consists mainly of the consumption of fruits, vegetables and cereals.

Beware of deficiencies

The main shortcomings of people who choose to eat vegetarians are: lack of protein and iron deficiency.

Indeed, meat or fish are the main sources of protein in our diet and plant proteins are much less rich than animal proteins in certain amino acids necessary for our body.
Likewise, meat, and especially red meat, is the main source of iron.

If you are not vegan, regular consumption dairy products and egg products will help you avoid these shortcomings.
The grain products (bread, flour, pasta, semolina, riceā€¦) and pulses (white or red beans, broken peas, flute, chickpeas, etc.) also help balance the intake of essential nutrients.
Consequently, at least two of these 4 items should be included in every meal (for example: a product with grains and a dairy product or a product with legumes and grains).

Here are some ways to find other essentials in your diet:
iodine : in iodized and fluoride salt and in seaweed
– the fluorine in the Tea and some mineral waters
– the selenium : in dough and brewing eggs
– the Omega 3 : in flax seeds, walnuts, olive oil, soy, nuts, peanuts, almonds.

A progressive approach

While it is true that excessive meat is harmful to health, it is still very difficult dangerous for the body to suddenly change his diet.
So you can’t eat vegetarians (let alone vegan) one night.

We recommend a vegetarian diet in a sustainable and profitable way proceed gradually first eliminating meat, then fish but retaining other animal products.
This process usually takes several months (or even several years in the case of a vegan diet).

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how to avoid shortages?
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