how to fix it permanently in 3 points!

Apart from the smell of the dog’s flatulence, this especially means that your dog is sick and that’s why! Indeed, excessive and smelly flatulence, or gas in dogs, is associated with poor digestion and irritation of the digestive and immune flora of your dog’s intestines. In short, your dog has a stomach ache and has difficulty digesting a diet that may not be right for him at all, as we will see.

Meteorism dog: an origin we may not have thought of!

The cause of gas in dogs

In humans or dogs, large amounts of odorless, healthy but not very smelly gases, can be explained by the fermentation of too many carbohydrates stagnation in the intestines. These carbohydrates can come from whole grain starch, as can vegetable starch. cereals without cereals for dogs, which contain both a lot of carbohydrates and others.

However, as for its cause flatulence smelly dog, Cannot be fully compared to that of humans. Too much protein in the human diet (omnivorous), comes from the smell of flatulence. Indeed, man cannot assimilate too much protein, and what he cannot assimilate ends up in his intestines. The dog is one carnivore and therefore it is done to digest large amounts of protein in the stomach. In humans, the stomach represents 10% of the total weight of the digestive system, while it represents almost 63% of the weight of the entire digestive system in dogs. The problem with smelly dogs is therefore not too much protein.

It’s not a matter of protein, but it’s not that it’s not the same as protein! It really is quality issue protein it produces digestion goes very well or badly, even very badly…

Too many carbohydrates and proteins of poor quality create gas in dogs!

Smell of dog and pet

The dog’s flatulence, or also called “crackers”, consists mainly of odorless gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. But a small part is made up of sulfur or sulfur components that are responsible for the offensive gas smell in dogs.

Ingestion of poor quality protein or industrially processed at high temperatures leads to abnormal protein digestion that is responsible for the smell of sulfur and sulfate in dogs with gas. Similarly, poor digestion of these proteins in the dog’s intestines will lead to bad breath or even very unpleasant stools. Irritation of the intestine and its bacterial flora by these industrial proteins can also lead, in some cases, to acceleration of intestinal passage and therefore to loose stools or diarrhea.

Dog and very strong gas

Concerning the dog gas which are not very fragrant but very loud, is a creation of it gas in dogs It is associated with too many carbohydrates in your diet. These carbohydrates eventually stop in the gut and ferment under the action of anaerobic bacteria, which produce large amounts of gas and are responsible for dog socks.

In 3 points : what to do against flatulence in dogs?

Definitely turn off with a dog that has gas

You need to go straight to the point and not make the choice of charcoal tablets or other fake good ideas that won’t solve the problem anyway.

1- French quality meat and whose origin is known

Dogs are carnivorous and derive all their energy from protein, so it is essential that they are of good quality so that they are well digested and fully benefit the animal’s health.

To avoid flatulence in dogs you need favor quality meats whose origin and origin you know. But in almost all cases, manufacturers only mention “30% chicken”, “10% fresh meat”, etc. … But what is the rest? It is almost always 50 to 80% pork, it is not quality meat for dogs and their health. In addition, almost all major brands come from meat from Eastern European countries and from intensive agriculture, far from the idea that buyers have. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people French meats for example, and not based on pork.

Today we find some manufacturers, unfortunately very rare, which uses French meat from slaughterhouses approved for human consumption and certified “veterinary under control”, which is itself a promise of quality much higher than we can see, and which guarantees that your dog it will no longer have aromatic gas (dirty gas).

2 – severely restrict carbohydrates

The amount of carbohydrates should never exceed 1/3 of the food or 33% of the total. Unfortunately, this happens very rarely, so you should ask carefully why very few manufacturers report the percentage.starch (carbohydrates) in bags and on their website.

Consumers often believe this in the market dog food without cereal, will not give carbohydrates to his animal. However, these foods for dogs without cereal contain as much as the others. Indeed, these new industrial manufacturers use starchy vegetables and therefore very rich in starch (complex carbohydrates) that are no more digestible than cereal starch, but on the contrary even more annoying for their intestinal flora.

3 – Cooking at low temperature

You can get the best protein in the world, if cooked at very high temperatures, it will be completely denatured. Unfortunately, today almost the entire cracker is cooked at an extremely high temperature (about 400 ° C), for reasons of time and therefore profitability. Of course, proteins become harmful to the dog’s body and intestinal flora. These proteins become indigestible and ultimately feverish and release very fragrant gases, which cause unpleasant aromatic gas in dogs.

Eat a good diet for your dog’s health and prevent him from having flatulence

how to fix it permanently in 3 points!
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