Limitation: Mike Horn’s advice to put things in perspective

CONTENTS – It’s nothing like an extreme adventurer explaining to us how to overcome this period of limitation so unique. While the French have been locked in the house for almost four weeks to curb the spread of corona, Mike Horn gives his advice for a better life in everyday life.

Crossing Antarctica on its own, climbing many Himalayan peaks, traveling around the world or even descending the Amazon River with a device … All this impressively with each other, Mike’s weapons Horn helped him make one steel mind.

Experiences that allow him to better manage the situation, while at the moment he is limited to his daughters in Switzerland. Instead of being a source of stress and anxiety, these days spent locked in his home are a real opportunity to work on his future projects. A positive attitude and a dynamism that, according to him, is the key to not sinking into depression, as he explained HuffPost in our video at the top of the article.

Health paper, far from being vital

Mike Horn also emphasizes the importance of less consumption, while our physical activity decreases sharply. “When I go to the North Pole, I eat 12,000 calories a day, which is the equivalent of six days of eating for a normal person. Right now, I’ve lost about 1800/2000 calories because I’m less active. I adjust my diet to the situation, it makes me feel better. “

The presenter of “Cap Horn” on the M6 ​​has of course returned to the alternatives of toilet paper, a product that everyone is tired of in supermarkets … while it is not necessary for survival according to the adventurer. “Above all, you don’t have to buy toilet paper because you can’t eat it,” he complains, urging those who are restricted to store non-perishable food items such as rice or pasta. “If I want to wipe my butt properly, I get something I can wash, reuse. Or I just use a bucket of water and it works very well. “

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Limitation: Mike Horn’s advice to put things in perspective
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