Meat in baby food

After introducing vegetables, fruits and cereals, it’s time to put some meat on the baby’s menu. But what to choose? How to prepare? Our advice.

baby meat

The introduction of meat into children’s foods will optimize the intake of vitamins iron, zinc and B However, up to 3 years, portions remain quite low, as it is necessary to prioritize a diet with milk.

At what age should meat be included in baby food?

Experts now recommend the introduction of new foods, including meat, between 4 and 6 months of age. Before or after. Many scientific studies have shown that the this period was more favorable for reducing the risk of allergies. During admissions, your pediatrician will guide you.

Between 4 and 6 months of age

When food diversification, first introduces it well-cooked meat and mixed at lunch. At the beginning, put the bottle of milk (by reducing the percentage of milk). You can also immediately mix the meat with a spoon. Give your child special vegetables to enjoy different flavors.

All meats can be offered to the baby, but they prefer lean meat and digestible, such as:

  • Chicken or turkey breast (without skin)
  • The steak or roast beef, if using frozen chopped steak, choose the 5% fat.
  • Schnitzel or grilled meat.

offal may occasionally replace meat. Contrary to popular belief, there is no reason to outlaw infants, including liver, Rich in iron. Similarly, black pudding can also offer.

However, meats AvoidWith the exception of ham (no fat). If you put the ham on the menu, we do not salt the vegetables.

side quantity, start slowly and adjusting to the baby’s appetite. At 6 months, the baby eats about 10 grams of meat (or 2 teaspoons) a day.

Between 6 and 12 months

Between 6 and 12 months old baby continues to not eat well-cooked meat and mixed in just one of his meals (Noon). Always progressive, go 10 g / day 20 g / day or 4 teaspoons (About 10 months). If he eats fish or eggs, which replaces meat.

As for the type of meat, vary with pork in the net (Cutlet, grilled) and lamb. Side preparation, do not hesitate to mix the meat mixed with vegetables. Gradually, depending on the arrival of the teeth, the meat is served chopped or in small pieces.

Between 1 and 3 years

from 1 year old baby continues to eat meat only once a day:

  • 20 g up to 1 year (Or 4 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon)
  • 30 g to 2 years (Or 1 tablespoon and a half)
  • 40 g 3 years (Or 2 tablespoons).

Cold, very greasy and very salty, it is not yet recommended. The baby can eat an iron-rich shade for 1 week, such as the liver.

meat-based home or small pots?

Do not hesitate to alternative “home” meat and jarsIt is best for taste education, not to get the baby accustomed to one kind of preparation.

Home cooking when cooking fresh meat or frozen. Cook without fat, steam, or in a non-stick pan. Do not add salt.

Plus, you can have it all trust in small containers and dishes for children under 3 years of strict regulations : No preservatives, dyes, artificial flavor, very little salt, with pesticides and nitrate levels are very low. They contain the right proportions of meat and vegetables.

Meat cooked at home will last until 24 hours in the refrigeratorBaby products started 48 hours.

What if there are food allergies in the family?

Meat allergies are rare in children. Since they have been waiting 4 whole months to import, this does not cause any problems in advance. Of course, we follow the advice of the pediatrician.

Medical Review: Dr. Jesus Cardenas, Medical Director of Doctissimo, 22nd, May, 2018

Updated May 18, 2018


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Meat in baby food
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