Menu 2000 kcal in weight loss phase

This 2000 calorie bodybuilding diet presents you with a type of menu that can be used either during a transition phase after gaining mass, or as a dry diet for people with high metabolism.

Menu 2000 Kcal

This example of a 2,000 calorie dry menu has one bodybuilding diet which may be the first step in a dry diet.

So we can consider this diet as attack phase for sche, or a transition phase after a long maintenance or grounding phase. For those who exercise a lot of muscle or are used to consuming a very large number of calories, it is possible to maintain this menu for several weeks or several months, to start a slow fat loss without reaching a very low calorie intake directly.

In a large number of athletes, 2,000 calories will be enough to reach the right level sche. However, if you want a better level of dryness, then you need to reduce the calories a little more and go to a menu that contains 200 or 300 less.

Example of the so-called 2000 kcal sche:

Summary of this menu:
– Protein: 160 g (31%)
– Carbohydrates: 182 g (36%)
– Fat: 75 g (33%)


– Oat flakes: 40 g
– Milk: 15 cl
– Cocoa Van Houten: 5 g
– Ham or meat (100 g), or 0% of blage blage (250gr) or protein powder (20 g)
– 1 orange
– Fish oil: 10 ml (default omega 3 in capsules)

Breakfast snacks:

– Oleaginous (almonds, nuts): 20 g
– Protein powder: 20 g


– Crudits: a small plate
– Olive oil: 10 g
– Fish: 100 g
– Vegetables: a dish
– 1 apple

Afternoon snack (1 hour before training):

– Oatmeal or oatmeal: 30 g
– Protein powder: 20 g

During training:

– 40 g of high glycemic index carbohydrate + BCAA

After training (at the end):

– 30 g of whey protein + BCAA

30 minutes 1 hour after weight training: dinner:

– Crudits: A small dish
– Basmati rice: 40 g
– 3 eggs
– Vegetables: a dish
– Olive oil: 10 g

Before you go to bed:

– Cottage cheese: 150 g

Vido menu from Sche

In this video, we explain this Sche menu in detail. So, you will have all our tips as well as information to personalize this menu of your sauce, so you can use it and thus make your program successful.

Sche menu

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Menu 2000 kcal in weight loss phase
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