more fat to lose weight!

ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet promises to make you lose weight by eating more fat! In fact, this hypoglycemic diet offers very little starch and sugar on the menu, without being afraid to consume fat! Let’s see here if this weight loss method is really effective for weight loss.

Principle of ketogenic nutrition

The ketogenic diet, in English, was developed in the early last century in the United States at the famous Mayo Clinic by Dr. Russell Wilder. It was originally intended for children with epilepsy as a treatment for seizures.

Keep in mind that this diet has nothing to do with the Mayo diet, which has nothing to do with the Mayo Clinic.

Basic principles of this method:

  • The ketogenic diet is very rich and fatty and very low in carbohydrates -> is a hypoglycemic diet.
  • Sugar, cereals, legumes, starch and any carbohydrate-rich foods should be avoided on menus -> is an exclusive and restrictive regime.

Why a high-fat diet?

Low carb intake forces our body to pull to find energy in it carbohydrate and fat stores. The fat stored or consumed is converted by the liver into ketones who replace carbs to provide energy in our muscles and in our brain.

The method was most recently used for lose weight fast, with specific proportions of fat and sugar specifically for weight loss:

  • 90% fat against 35% on a balanced diet.
  • 2% carbohydrates versus 50% in a balanced diet.
  • 8% protein against 15% on a balanced diet.

The ketogenic diet is similar to the first phase new Atkins diet. There is interest today in slowing down Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cancer.

The ketogenic diet in practice

The recipes

The “ketogenic” menus are high in fat. We use a lot butter and vegetable oils. And we prefer coconut oil recipes, which our body transforms into a ketone body with ease. In the menu, eggs, the Lawyers and oilseeds (especially nuts) will always have a special place.

Keep in mind: The “recommended fats” are omega-3 and 9 and not omega-6. But a good place is given to saturated fats contained in meat.

The animal protein They also have a large share in the recipes of the ketogenic diet: cheeses (fixed), poultry, meat, fish, seafood.

Only low-carb green vegetables are allowed : cabbage, salad, lettuce, chicory, spinach … Exit from carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes, corn, beets, pastinakas …!

Finally, alcohol, coffee (no sugar, of course!), Milk and dairy products are to consume moderately.

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Of course, it is important to follow the “low carb” rules of the hypoglycemic diet. : no (or very few) carbohydrates (sugars and starches).

Effectiveness of this weight loss method

Scientific research that has studied the effects of the ketogenic diet has shown significant short-term weight loss. More important than what is observed in the most common low-calorie diets, usually always low-fat.

Benefits of this diet

A diet high in fat and protein allows one fast saturation and reduces feelings of hunger. We consume permitted foods without limiting the amount.

Even the famous effect yo-yo Weight gain can be avoided … but only if you continue to follow the hypoglycemic rules of the method!

Disadvantages of this diet

This way of eating leads to risk of shortages in calcium, potassium, vitamins and antioxidants.

With the start of its application side effects It is not insignificant, such as nausea, migraines, weakness, due to the enormous work that the liver has done against very high fat intake.

Finally, in the long run, this high-fat diet is a concern for experts worsening cardiovascular risk.

Our opinion on ketogenic diet

It’s one very unbalanced, restrictive diet and monotonous, which according to nutritionists gets a lot of pleasure from food. It is interesting to keep this method de-demonization of good unsaturated fatsΆντα Always think about limiting saturated and “trans” fats to animal and industrial products!

To perfect yourself in a sustainable way, it is best to adopt a balanced diet accompanied by regular sports activities. Our sports coaching team is at your disposal to support you. Discover our services

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more fat to lose weight!
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