My anticoagulant / AVK diet

Your anticoagulant treatment requires several precautions for food:

Do not consume Products containing high concentrations of Vitamin K:

  • cabbage in all their forms, white cabbage, cauliflower … but also sauerkraut,

  • broccoli,

  • spinach,

  • lawyer

  • parsley;

Continue consuming other green vegetables to ensure a good nutritional balance. Lettuce and many green vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, contain Vitamin K in moderate concentrations; they should still be consumed by façonrégulière and especially in approximately similar quantities from one day to the next;

Above all, avoid abrupt changes in your eating habits with regard to AVK treatment.

Limit consumption to:

  • alcoholic beverages : not more than a glass of wine at any meal, without aperitifs or digestion,

  • tea , do not take large amounts (no more than 3 cups / day, especially if it is green tea);

Consume a dairy product with each meal: plain yogurt, pet-suis, cottage cheese or dried cheese;

Do not take a vitamin supplement (dietary supplement) for self-medication.

Note: It is possible to consume foods containing Vitamin K BY CONDITION consume the same amount daily. You just need to adjust your AVK dose and stick to it.

My anticoagulant / AVK diet
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