Nutritional ingredients for weight loss without diet

Food or nutrients? The food we eat every day is digested.
Digestion turns food into nutrients that can be used by the body.

Nutrients are products of food digestion.

These are nutrients that are directly assimilated by the body. They participate in the growth, regeneration of cells …

Power supply power components

Some nutrients provide energy, they are proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Their energy value is as follows:
– 1 gram of protein provides 4 kilocalories or 4 calories or 17 kilojoules.
– 1 gram of carbohydrates provides 4 kg of calories or 4 calories or 17 kg.
– 1 gram of lipids provides 9 kilocalories or 9 calories or 37 kilojoules.

The other nutrients

Other nutrients, although essential, do not provide energy.
They contribute to a balanced diet without energy intake.
These are vitamins, minerals and trace elements, fiber and water.

No food can provide all the nutrients our body needs.
You have to eat everything a littleā€¦. or a little of everything.

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Nutritional ingredients for weight loss without diet
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