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Super Omega 3 Asset

Ref. : 0-80338 box of 60 capsules = € 38.90

Omega 3 fatty acids maintain the natural level of cholesterol in the blood.
Bad cholesterol (LDL) decreases, good cholesterol (HDL) increases.
Lactose free.
We recommend 3 X 1 capsules per day.


Ref. : 80144 Set of 4 boxes Super Omega 3 Active = 144,90 €

Phyto Akti woman

Reference number: 80332 90 capsules = € 31.50

In menopause.

Woman Phyto Active Nutritional Supplement,
contains red clover, vitamin D3, calcium.
Red clover:

Red clover is one of the most valuable suppliers of genistein and daidzein, which belongs to the group of soy isoflavones – subsets of secondary plant substances and whose chemical structure is very similar to that of female estrogen. The isoflavones contained in red clover extract help to overcome unpleasant accompanying sensations such as hot flashes, sleep disturbances or mood swings.
Does not contain genetically modified substances, lactose free, gluten free. Purely natural capsules.
In this way, hormone treatment can be replaced with this nutritional supplement.
Vitamin D3:

It stimulates bone cells to extract calcium if it is deficient in the diet. Therefore, vitamin D3 is considered essential for bone health.

Basics for healthy bones.
Daily consumption of Woman Phyto Active
by women before menopause and after menopause will reduce the effects: anxiety, depression, hot flushes ..
and will help fight osteoporosis.
Recommended dose: 1 capsule 3 times daily before or after a glass of water. 3 capsules contain 250 mg of red clover extract, which is equivalent to 50 mg of red clover isoflavones.

Ref: 80340 125 ml bottle = € 39.90

* Colostrum is a true Elixir of life for infants through the supply of growth factors, components of the immune system, vitamins and other minerals.
* Colostrum has been the subject of numerous studies and it can be said that the number is currently around 2000.
* The interest in having colostrum proven and knowing that all female mammals produce it during childbirth, studies show that bovine colostrum can offer considerable interest to humans.
* Medicine has shown that our immune system performance decreases with age and that this growing weakness makes us more susceptible to aging and more vulnerable to disease.
* The absorption of colostrum from bovine animals can offset this growing deficit in our system
* Immune and help us maintain or restore the serenity and comfort of life that may have been undermined by age or illness.
* Colostrum direct in liquid form has a very fast action.
* Presented in a 125 ml bottle, the recommended consumption is 1 to 2 tablespoons per day. Consumption over a period of one month will require 2 vials.


Colostrum basis

Reference number: 80341 box 60 capsules = € 57.90

Colostrum Basis, developed for regular use, is available as capsules.

The recommended consumption is 2 x 1 capsule per day.

Ref .: 0-80370 = € 39.95

* Dose: 1 capsule daily

* In patented closure: protects bacteria during critical passage to the stomach. Thus they arrive intact in the body; ready to act.
* Optimal support for the immune system: the gut hosts about 70% of the immune system.
* Probiotic bacteria play a crucial role in this organization. They directly support the complex process of this system.
* Regulation of the intestinal flora
The intestinal wall is lined with good bacteria and colonized by pathogenic bacteria. The natural balance of these bacteria has a significant impact on well-being and health in general.
* Probiotic12 contains approximately 1 billion probiotic bacteria in capsules. They are grouped into 12 different groups. This unique combination helps the intestinal flora.

Vital copper set

Ref: 0-80134 = € 74.90

Heals your body day after day,
Maintains your natural vitality
Living healthier becomes easier
Aloe Vera Essence Life – honey 1 L
Probability – 360 tablets
Vita Active – 150 ml

Vital Peach Set

Ref: 0-80135 = € 74.90

Heals your body day after day,
Maintains your natural vitality
Living healthier becomes easier
Aloe Vera Essence Life – Peach 1 L
Probability – 360 tablets
Vita Active – 150 ml

Vita Aktiv

Ref. : 2-80301 Volume: 150 ml. = € 19.90

The vitality of nature.

* Vita Aktiv contains all the energy of 21 different types of fruits and vegetables. Red, pleasantly sweet and delicious for children.
* Bioactive plant substances strengthen the immune system. Goodbye colds. Due to their antioxidant activity, all these secondary plant substances can neutralize free radicals.
* Multiple health benefits combined with the effects of Vitamin C. For your health you find: apples, apricots, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, elderberry, blueberries and many other fruits and vegetables.
* This juice also contains carotene, minerals of folic acid, trace elements, magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc and many other vitamins.
* Vita Aktiv
– In the morning, a clean teaspoon or fruit juice.
– based on 21 fruits and vegetables
– Delicious of hot ice cream waffles or tartlets.
* One teaspoon of Vita Aktiv will be enough to give you secondary herbs of 21 different fruits and vegetables. 100% covers your daily need for 1 to essential vitamins: C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, folic acid, pantolenic acid and biotin.


Nutritional Supplements Vita Aktiv

What is Vita Aktiv?

Vita Aktiv is a natural preservative-free product made from 21 fruit and vegetable extracts and Vitamin C.

What are the benefits of taking Vita Aktiv capsules?

Bioactive plant substances enhance the body’s immune defenses. Goodbye colds. The user feels better and therefore more efficient. Vita Aktiv is a perfect complement to your daily diet by providing substances
bioactive plants composed of carotenoids (precursors of vitamin A) and polyphenols, in particular anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins (secondary plant substances), with many health benefits.
These secondary plant substances, in combination with the well-known effects of vitamin C, actively enhance the body’s defenses.

How Much Vita Aktiv Should You Take Each Day?

We recommend a daily dose equivalent to one teaspoon.
If necessary, a higher dose can be taken.
Mixed with lean yogurt or diluted in a little water, Vita Aktiv has a subtle taste.
If the recommended dose is followed, the product taken regularly is sufficient for one month.

What is Vita Aktiv made of?

Vita Aktiv consists of 21 fruit and vegetable extracts as well as Vitamin C.
Fresh fruits and vegetables provide the body with, among other things, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, biotin, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, minerals, trace elements such as sodium, potassium and more. magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron, honey,
zinc, phosphorus, chlorine, …
Vita Aktiv, the booster for children and adults.

How are the various components of Vita Aktiv made?

During an efficient and complex production process, the water is extracted under pressure and under vacuum from fruits and vegetables.
This is a particularly gentle treatment.
Therefore, Vita Aktiv is an extremely concentrated active fruit juice.

What is the difference between Bioxan and Vita Aktiv?

Bioxan was created for: active cell protection!
The special combination of antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C, E and Q10, as well as zinc, provide the basic basic cellular protection.
Vita Aktiv is made up of bioactive herbs for a healthy immune system!
The body’s defenses are enhanced.

Ref : 80102 Box of 360 tablets = 32,90 €

Pro Balance supplies basic minerals selected using the Müller-Wohlfahrt formula.
It has a large capacity for fixing acids.
Contains calcium, magnesium and sodium.
* Without ingredients of animal origin. * No preservative.

* Lactose free.
We recommend 3X 4 tablets a day.
1. Why tablets, not capsules?
Gelatin is not desirable as there is a possible risk of BSE infection, vegetarians should be considered
2. Why do you absorb a core product?
The body’s own buffer system in body fluids and cells loses balance and becomes acidic due to
a) Environmental impacts
b) Psychological disorders (stress, long hours in front of the TV, noise, etc.)
c) unhealthy lifestyle due to consumption of products such as cigarettes, alcohol, medicines, coffee, tea
d) Unbalanced diet (prepared products, too little fruit and vegetables, too much animal fat, too much sugar).
Minerals such as Na, K, Mg, Ca present in special salt compounds, such as those contained in ProBalance, have a major effect and offset acidification.
3. What happens when the body contains too much acid?
* Well-known effect: acids * General imbalance
* Steady state of exhaustion

* Weak connective tissue
* Contractions of neck and back muscles
* Loss of motor skills

* Apathy
* Concentration problems

* Lack of energy and enthusiasm
* Reduce
* Pale and dull complexion
4. How does the body react in case of hyperacidification?
Many organs affect the acid-base balance, such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, and digestive organs. This interaction can be extremely impaired in the case of hyperacidification. The basic mineral salts required to counteract this acidic effect must be derived, if necessary, from the deposits of mineral substances (eg in the skeleton).

FiguActiv Herbal Weight Loss Tea

Ref: 80205 250gr (about 100 glasses) = 32,90 €

Herbal tea for weight loss.
A nice alternative to water.
This herbal tea promotes elimination and releases toxins.
Soothes feelings of hunger.
It is a blend of green tea, lemon balm leaves, Lapacho bark, nettle leaves, honey bush tea, lemongrass, licorice roots.

Reishi plus

Ref 80331 (box of 30 capsules) = € 38.90

Covers 75% of your daily vitamin C needs

Pure lactose free vegetable capsules


Known in Asian tradition, Rei-Shi (Japan) contains valuable ingredients such as polysaccharides, triterpene, trace elements, beta-glucan, steroids, amino acids, alkaloids, nucleosides, vitamins and mineral salts. The capsules contain Reishi extract and powder.

Recommendation: 1 capsule per day


Figu Activ shakes

Figu Activ

Berry banana

Reference number: 80201 450g per box

Rhubarb – vanilla

Reference number: 80202 450g per box

Latte – Macchiato

Reference number: 80202 450g per box

* Preparing an instant beverage powder as part of a weight loss diet replaces good nutrition.
* This is a dietary powder containing large amounts of Vitamin B12 and glucose. This effective combination produces very good results.
* The effect that this product contains is a wonderful energy source in addition to the pleasant taste to achieve its ideal weight.

* Contains fiber, so it is very important to drink plenty of water or also tea for weight loss.

* All shakes are low in lactose, gluten free, no added sugar.
* Without colorants or preservatives.
Our tips for a healthy and balanced diet:

* dissolve 3 tablespoons (45 g) in 200 ml water,

* Take 1 teaspoon of VitaAktiv in a glass of water

* take 4 Probalance tablets,

count an average of 50 grams per meal.

= 39.90 €

FiguActiv Herbal Weight Loss Tea

Ref : 80205 250gr (100 cups) = 32,90 €

Herbal tea for weight loss.
A nice alternative to water.
This herbal tea promotes elimination and releases toxins.
Soothes feelings of hunger.
It is a blend of green tea, lemon balm leaves, Lapacho bark, nettle leaves, honey bush tea, lemongrass, licorice roots.

FiguActiv soup

” Inn ”

Reference number: 80208 500g per box

” Mediterranean ”

Ref: 80209 500g per box

” India ”

Ref: 80210 500g per box

” Inn ”

Powder preparation for potato soup as part of a weight loss diet.

” Mediterranean ”

Powdered preparation for tomato soup

” India ”

Powdered preparation for creamy vegetable curry soup.

*Soups are a substitute for good nutrition.
* All our soups are lactose free, colorless and preservative free.
* Our tip for good and balanced nutrition: dissolve 3 tablespoons (45 g) in 200 ml water, take 1 teaspoon VitaAktiv in a glass of water and take 4 Probalance tablets, count an average of 50 grams per meal.
*It is a dietary powder containing large amounts of vitamin B12 (for nerves and muscle contractions as well as for the production of red blood cells) and glucose (a fast energy producer). This effective combination quickly achieves very good results. In fact, this product contains a great energy source in addition to its pleasant taste to achieve its ideal weight in a minimal amount of time.
*IMPORTANT: The product contains fiber, so it is important to drink plenty of water (basic / plain water) or also slimming tea to avoid metabolic problems.
* With 1 box you balance your energy intake an average of 10 meals.
* No preservative, no artificial coloring, source of low lactose fiber, gluten and added sugar.

= 39.90 €

Set of 2 mixes plus herbal tea FiguActif

Ref: 80232


2 boxes of Figu Activ beverage powder or soup of your choice and FiguActiv herbal slimming tea. Two flavors to choose from.
Our tips for complete and balanced nutrition: dissolve 3 tablespoons (45 g) in 200 ml water, take 1 teaspoon VitaAktiv in a glass of water and take 4 Probalance tablets, count an average of 50 grams per meal.

= € 99.90

Figures asset bars

Figuactiv bars


Ref. : 80271 6 60 g bars


Ref. : 80272 6 60 g bars


Ref. : 80273 6 60 g bars


Ref. : 80284 6 bars of 60g

For chocolate lovers:
Creamy delight to enjoy without any guilt.
6 x 60gr
Enjoy sunny day Figuactiv bars, very practical on the go or various Figuactiv shakes and your favorite fruits, whether fresh or powdered.

It’s good to know that you have all important diets and thus avoid calories.

Strawberry yogurt

= 27.90 €

Figuactiv Linée + 3

Ref: 80380 Figuactiv Linée 3 = € 16.90

The longing for food is inevitable, the desire for chocolate is due to hypoglycemia.
Let’s stop there; new product: Figuactiv Linée 3
Do you find it difficult to maintain your diet goal?
Do you have breakfast between meals?

Figuactiv Linée 3 will help you continue the course and ease the temptation with ingredients that contain a high percentage of fiber.
They play an important role to give you a sense of

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