Potassium rich foods: a list

Potassium is a trace element necessary for the proper functioning of the body. It plays a central role in muscle contraction, the transmission of nerve impulses, or even the proper functioning of the kidneys. Along with sodium, it helps to maintain acid-base balance, which is one of the main components of good health.

A diverse and balanced diet will satisfy all of our needs for vitamins and minerals, but some products contain more than others. Here are 10 foods high in potassium.


The lens is an excellent source of potassium. In addition, they are rich in fibers, in protein plants as well minerals (phosphorus, iron, manganese or even honey)

Lentils are easy to prepare legumes as you do not need to soak them before cooking, unlike dried beans and chickpeas. You can eat them cold or hot, as an accompaniment or as a salad. If you are vegetarian, they are an optional meal. You can then combine them with rice to optimally supply complete proteins.

It’s nice to know : two other legumes are also particularly rich in potassium. These are white beans and peas.

Fish and seafood

Fish, especially fatty fish, and seafood are rich in potassium. Here are the seafood that has the best:

  • sludge: 458 mg / 100 g;
  • grilled herring: 430 mg / 100 g;
  • coat: 410 mg / 100 g;
  • tuna: 400 mg / 100 g;
  • boiled salmon: 390 mg / 100 g;
  • sepia: 310 mg / 100 g;
  • mussels: 236 mg / 100 g;
  • octopus: 230 mg / 100 g.

Potassium rich foods: a list
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