Raw meat and bones … Le Barf, a new modern diet for our animal friends

Some pet owners choose to feed them raw meat to provide them with a diet closer to their normal needs. – Rsape / Pixabay

  • More and more cat and dog owners are abandoning croquettes and commercial meats to feed their animals differently.
  • Given that these over-processed foods are not the most appropriate choices for the health and well-being of their pet, they prepare the food of their faithful companions.
  • For some, the most suitable food is Barf, a special diet consisting mainly of different pieces of raw meat.

Dry or wet food, croquettes or puree: in the supermarket feed department, the supply is huge, but the lines are still made up of industrial products. And the owners are worried about the nutritional quality of what they have
animals no longer trust these commercial products. For some cat and dog owners, the food offered by their veterinarian is a guarantee of trust. For others, ready to roll up their sleeves for their small furry family members, it’s best to change your pet’s diet to Barf. You do not need to cook and long preparation, as it is a matter of giving your pet raw meat. On this occasion on Thursday of the book’s release I feed my cat of course * (ed. Thierry Souccar), 20 minutes interested in this popular animal diet.

Le Barf: raw meat and reconstituted prey

“Barf is the acronym for ‘Biologically appropriate raw food’ or in French: biologically suitable raw food,” explains breeder Margitta Graeve, author of his work. I feed my cat of course. Here, the food does not come straight out of a tin can or bag, “made from fresh and raw food,” he said, adding that in the past, “domestic cats ate the prey first and foremost.” For Barf fans , this corresponds to the interpretation of a diet of animals that wants to be a return “to the natural”, without
industrial food and based on raw meat Μειονεκτήματα της διατροφής, bones and meat, with the idea that a cat never cooks a mouse that has been chased “, explains Dr. Géraldine Blanchard, a veterinarian who specializes in animal nutrition and founder of the nutrition consultants’ website
Fanged kitchen.

A specific diet that attracts more and more pet owners. Like Emilie, who feeds her cats to Barf for four months. “I prepare their bowl every day, with fillets, fleshy bones, liver and instrument meats, all raw. Sometimes I add an egg,” she describes the young woman. “My veterinarian validated this menu, considering it balanced and meeting their nutritional needs.” My cats. ”Estelle, 30, is the proud mistress of two Brussels griffins, 1 and 3 years old, Nana and Loulou. For almost a year,” my dogs only eat raw food, a diet based on Prey Model “, which consists of providing the whole prey or preparing it This is why Estelle is working hard to prepare meals for her dogs: “It requires the organization and purchase of a freezer. I prepare about forty portions every 3 weeks, and it’s a real pleasure!” The composition of a bowl is very accurate: “62 grams of meat, 62 grams of fleshy bones, 22 grams of omega fish, 7 grams of liver and 7 grams of instrument meat”, explains Estelle, who also prepares the two animals of “bone broth” mixed raw vegetables “. Happy to spoil her animals, the young woman doesn’t stop there. “When I find them, I give them whole quails and rodents, with hair and feathers. “For Dr. Blanchard, there’s no doubt, ‘Teachers estimate the diet in the nearest gram because they are very dedicated to their animals.’

Every three weeks, Estelle prepares about forty portions of BARF for her two small dogs.
Every three weeks, Estelle prepares about forty portions of BARF for her two small dogs. – Estelle Gusella for 20 minutes

Bar, better diet for pet health?

But why change this raw diet for your pet when specific products are marketed? “To stay healthy, have a beautiful coat and develop a strong muscle structure, the animal needs excellent quality nutrients: digestible proteins, essential fatty acids and properly combined vitamins and minerals,” says Margitta Graeve. However, ready-to-eat Foods are of poor quality, consisting of cereals, fiber or even additives, which do not correspond to natural foods, hence the occurrence of intolerances and allergies (…) and inflammatory bowel disease, which can reduce the “duration” a life “of the animal. Thus, to Emilie,” it was impossible to carry on giving my cats an industrial diet, rich in carbohydrates and in my opinion, harmful to natural carnivores and filled with chemical additives. It’s like eating industrial dishes every day and always the same! “

Estelle, learned from the past. “I’ve had dogs all my life, they were full members of the family,” says Estelle, so it’s very difficult to lose them. And we wonder about the impact of their diet on their health: at home, we invested a lot in the well-being of our dogs, we fed on croquettes bought by the vet, with whom we consult the slightest problem. Despite everything, the two dogs in the family died of kidney, liver, pancreas and cancer problems. So when the young woman decides to have her first dog, she asks, believing that “dry food can’t be good” and chooses “natural food with real meat. It was going pretty well, but growing up, Lula started to she has environmental allergies and often avoids her bowl because the drugs have led to intestinal problems and fatigue. “

Precautions to be taken

In fact, Estelle remarked, &#8220 ;Since this change in diet has no longer removed the bowls! My daughters are having fun like never before, they are more beautiful, with harmonious shapes, muscles and fat where needed. They are also much brighter. and a thick coat and extremely white teeth! And Lula, the most fragile, no longer has allergies, was able to spend the summer swimming in the river and rolling on the grass, enjoying the young woman, while before, each trip to the campaign caused violent allergies. “, thyme ai. Often, owners go to Barf “because their pet had a previous health problem, skin allergies or being overweight,” says Dr. Blanchard.

Ever since her two little dogs went to BARF, Estelle has seen them having fun.
Ever since her two little dogs went to BARF, Estelle has seen them having fun. – Estelle Gusella for 20 minutes

But not all veterinarians are sure of Barf. “Many people advise not to feed their animals this way because they are not trained,” said Amandin, who has been preparing portions for his dog for five years based on meat, bones, organ meats, mixed fruits and vegetables, oils and dietary supplements.

Every day, Amantina prepares a bowl of raw food for her dog.
Every day, Amantina prepares a bowl of raw food for her dog. – Amandin

True, few veterinarians are trained in animal nutrition, they do not know how to advise teachers in Barf, recognizes Dr. Blanchard. But if we start, it is important to have these raw grains certified by an animal nutritionist. “Why ; “Often, an animal’s health problems improve after entering Barf, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t create others, such as food imbalances,” warns the veterinarian. Calculating the right doses of food is not accidental: an overdose of bone can lead to constipation and less good absorption of essential trace elements. And forgetting to give essential fatty acids or giving very small portions can make the animal very lean. “And that’s not the only reason.” Giving raw meat, whose bacteriological condition is unknown, is dangerous, especially when you buy the cheapest meat, “says the veterinarian. Meat can contain bacteria. This ranges from salmonellosis. if you give your animals raw poultry (viscera can contaminate meat) to tuberculosis if you give it a toy. The animal may be sick or just a healthy carrier and transmit these pathogens to humans, and therefore to their owners and pi the fragile children of the household. “To avoid the dangers, certain precautions must be taken:” Cook the meat as little as possible, baking it in broth until it reaches 70 degrees in the heart for 3 minutes “, the specialist prescribes for animal nutrition. This kills all bacteria without degrading the nutritional properties of the meat. “And if you are a confident buffer,” it is recommended that you monitor your pet regularly and have a thorough check-up with his veterinarian once a year, at least to check for good kidney and liver health.

* I feed my cat, of course, Le guide du BarfHow to prepare the perfect bowl for a healthy cat, Thierry Souccar Publications, in bookstores on January 24, 12.90 euros.

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Raw meat and bones … Le Barf, a new modern diet for our animal friends
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