Source of vitamins

Most vitamins cannot be synthesized by the body. Therefore, they must be provided with food. Consumption of a large portion of fruits and vegetables is the key to providing enough vitamins to the body.

Is food which should provide almost all, if not all, of the necessary vitamins.

They are found in all large food groups, but there is no food that contains them all. The best way to make sure you have enough vitamins it is therefore to have one balanced nutrition and varies, rich in fruit and vegetables.
A few vitamins may be composed, in part or in whole, in the human or animal organism. This is the case, for example, with vitamin D. It is accepted, at least in theory, that exposure to sunlight allows the dshydrocrocholestrol to be converted to vitamin D3 at the skin level. This is also true of vitamins B and K, which are made up of bacteria in the large intestine.

For others, the only source of energy is food. We understand the importance of quality nutrition.

And when the vitamins are not processed by the body and their food intake is insufficient, then the solution remains. vitamin supplements.

Source of vitamins
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