The 10 Commandments of the Keto Diet

Hello from Montpellier. I am a 72 year old grandfather artist. I have several illness problems.

Placement of 2 active stents in December 2016 Neck osteoarthritis, which begins to go thanks to some fasts practiced in June 2x24h, end of June 4 and end of September 6 days.
Great results and I’m not dead.
I had water retention in my legs for a year, completely gone.
I can move my neck well. Still 20cm rotation to recover. I had trouble turning my head in the car to see the priorities mainly on the left.
Why am I contacting you?
Simply put, I would like to do another post, but two or three weeks.
Because I have another disease ”Bullous perophimoid by mouth for three years.
I have an atheromic plaque with stenosis 60/100 in my right aorta.
I have several testimonials from people who have seen their plaques disappear after two and three weeks of starvation.

Which makes sense. Fasting has a very beneficial effect on hypertension. Everyone will tell you.
But there is no evidence of atherosclerotic plaque disappearance.
The explanation is given by the ability of the body to do (Autophagy) It is your own body that eats all the detritus. Included atheroma plates.

In my 6-day fast I lost 4 kg, which I recovered in 13 days. Recover 3 kg in four days and the last kg in 10 days, curious?

So I have to lose weight to get myself a two-week post.
But the difficulty is that I cannot exceed the 64 kg I have had for 10 years.
From the end of September at the end of my 6-day post I was between 63 and 64 kg. It is impossible to have more.

It must be said that I get up late, 10 am, a small Mediterranean type. fruit, milk yogurt. Egg mixed with almost raw vegetable puree. I have been taking 10 Spirulina tablets for 1 month.
Eat fruit and vegetables in the evening. I can’t really make myself meals. I live alone and cooking is boring and I don’t get lost. Once a week I eat couscous at a restaurant with a girlfriend.
at lunch. This is the only time during the week that I have noticed that I have gained weight. But suddenly, I’m no longer hungry. The couscous made me work in the afternoon and also in the evening.
In addition I would like to do some ketone diets in addition to the Mediterranean; Then I was badly cut to take 3 to see 4 pounds in preparation for my future post in two weeks. I risk losing 10 kg in two weeks, see 14 in 3 weeks.
Do you have a solution?



The 10 Commandments of the Keto Diet
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