Vitamin supplements after bariatric surgery

You are going or have undergone bariatric surgery, gastroplasty, sleeve, bypass …

Whatever the intervention, your body will need help reducing the risks of vitamin and mineral deficiency
caused by the operation.

Even if the duration of the supplement may vary depending on the type of intervention, it is essential to keep in shape.

The role of vitamins and minerals in the body.

after a bariatric surgical diet

The human body is like a machine, in which no part must be missing in order to function properly.

In this kit, vitamins and minerals they are certainly small parts, but absolutely substantial

good operation by the body, If part is missing, some features may be changed.

However, the body does not produce the vitamins and minerals it needs to be supplied daily.

There are two main types of intervention that need to be distinguished:

Restrictive interventions: Gastroplasty and manual gastrectomy

In this case, reducing the intake of food and certain intolerances of food can lead to a decrease in the intake of vitamins and minerals.

This is added to the deficiencies and / or deficiencies that sometimes exist before surgery due to poor food hygiene.

Any vomiting associated with these procedures is also a factor of supplementation after surgery for obesity and

additional risk. Today, there is a medical consensus that supplements are essential at least

the period of intense weight loss (6 to 18 months, as appropriate). In fact, your body will undergo a period of a

a very significant decrease in calorie intake and your food will not be enough to bring in your body

all trace elements necessary for its proper functioning.

Your surgeon and his team will advise you what to do with your supplement.

Malabsorption and mixed interventions: In particular gastric bypass and bypassof biliopancreas

Here, in addition to limiting the stomach, the main cause of deficiencies and / or deficiencies is the suppression of part of the digestive tract, which leads to a decrease in the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Complementing well after the surgery for obesity becomes even more important here.

For example, bypass promotes iron deficiency, folate (vitamin B9), vitamin B12 and many other vitamins and minerals.

In this case, due to the malabsorptive aspect of these interventions, HAS (Supreme Health Authority) clarified in 2009 in its recommendations to physicians that the supplement should be systemic.

This malabsorption is irreversible. There is consensus on the need to supplement life

Vitamin supplements after bariatric surgery
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