vitamins and dietary supplements for use

Why gain weight?

There are several reasons why one may want to gain weight, whether medical or aesthetic, or even in terms of improving one’s muscle strength (increasing muscle mass). Overweight people who may want to gain weight include those with a BMI below 18.5. Be careful, however, that you may be very weak while you are healthy. In any case, the basic principle for those who want to gain weight is to consume more calories than you burn.

Dietary supplements for weight gain


The first thing you need to do is consume a lot of protein (about 2 g per kg body weight), the latter is necessary for building muscle. Exercise is also necessary to prevent the conversion of these proteins into fat. You will enhance your protein intake with dietary supplements such as whey protein which is not only easy to absorb but also allows for better muscle mass growth. You can also turn to some effective dietary supplements, such as fenugreek tea and dandelion that stimulates the appetite or gentian that stimulates the intestines and promotes the absorption of nutrients.

vitamins and dietary supplements for use
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