Vitamins and minerals that should not be overlooked!

So how do you get enough vitamins and minerals?

Balanced diet as the number 1 goal!

These micronutrients should first come from your diet.

VegetablesTherefore, if this is not already the case, it is important to adjust it, giving priority to food. with high nutrient densitythat is, foods that contain large amounts of nutrients that are of health interest, for a given number of calories: among them are, among other things, fruits and vegetables, dried olive seeds, organ meats, seafood, etc.

In contrast, high-calorie foods often have low nutritional density: fatty and sweet processed foods, refined cereals, and so on.

Most of the time, foods with high nutrient density will be rich in antioxidants, especially the plants in which they work together to protect themselves from free radicals, and do the same to our body.

In addition, increasing the share of fruits and vegetables, at the same time will help fight chronic acidosis, which greatly promotes osteoporosis, muscle loss and high blood pressure.

The issue of completion

MultivitaminsAll this is said, as we just saw above, sometimes it seems difficult to ask for a single diet to meet all the needs for nutrients and a perfectly balanced diet, if it remains ideal, is often complicated to achieve

In fact, our modern diet generally provides at least vitamins, so that our body does not show acute symptoms, but the deficits that are created have most of the time long-term effectsand are harmful to health. This is especially evident in intervention studies that use vitamins and minerals that improve health or performance.

Depending on your personal situation, it may be advisable to use micronutrient supplements daily or occasionally to offsets the limits of modern foodand so you maintain your health.

Complete adjustment of your needs may require a blood test and follow-up by a dietitian.

Vitamins and minerals that should not be overlooked!
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