Vitamins and their benefits

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Vitamins are life !!! They are essential nutrients that your whole body needs to function and grow. It is important that your body receives vitamins and minerals either by consuming through your diet, or by any intake, pill, capsules, tablets, etc. which you can find in your pharmacist, but also on the internet, here is a guide.

Our body draws vitamins from the foods we eat, dairy products for example are rich in vitamin D and calcium, vegetables, fruits or liver are foods rich in vitamin A, which is a necessary vitamin beautiful skin and good eye health. Vitamin C is found mainly in fruits such as kiwi, lemon, oranges … meat will bring you vitamin D necessary for the growth of red blood cells.

Each vitamin has a specific role and helps your body in a specific area, click on the different vitamins above to learn more.
Here are some basic things to keep in mind: Eating five different types of vegetables and fruits a day will give you almost all the vitamins you need.
Vegetables lose some of their vitamins when cooked, so don’t hesitate to eat raw vegetables. (salads, radishes, tomatoes, carrots, etc.).
It may be necessary for some people to take a vitamin supplement, for example pregnant women and the elderly.
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The paba


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Vitamins and their benefits
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