Weaknesses of the vegetarian diet

Vegetarian and vegetarian diet: what’s the difference?

The vegetarian diet consists of eat mainly plant foods. Some animal products, dairy products and eggs in general are allowed, but strictly excluding meat.

But when food of animal diet: learn to try dishes origin (meat, milk, eggs) is not tolerated, we are talking about veganism or vegan diet.

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Are vegetarians exposed to deficiencies? How to fix it?

Without meat, there is a risk of protein deficiency.

Remember that contributions to protein depends on them in amino acids (basic components of protein) some of which are said to be essential, that is, that the body does not know how to synthesize them and that, therefore, they must be provided with a sufficient amount of food.

But plants also contain essential amino acids. Therefore, they provide protein of good biological value. On the other hand, beware, not all food categories provide it same types of proteins. For example, legumes and cereals do not contain it essential amino acids.

In other words, it is necessary to combine legumes and cereals.

And the less animal products are allowed in the diet, the more important this relationship is. So it has to be systematic vegan. This compound is also found in many traditional dishes: chickpeas and semolina in couscous, chickpeas and bread, rice curry and legumes (beans, lentils), etc.

In the end, vegetarians, especially if they eat a little dairy and / or eggs, are not at risk for deficiency, except perhaps iron.

Weaknesses of the vegetarian diet
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